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help me set up a FOWLR


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hi everyone...i haven't posted in a while, but my 24G reef and 3G pico reef are both doing well. i picked up a 36G corner bowfront tank a while back because i just couldn't pass up the price (it was a cash and carry deal), but it's been sitting in the corner of my living room empty. i finally decided i am going to do a FOWLR tank with it. i'm not up to setting up a whole other reef (although perhaps it could go in that direction at some point), mainly because i am going to use the lighting it came with and i'd love to get a flame or potter's angel without worrying about it being reef safe.


soooo, i'm planning on picking up about 40 pounds of LR, doing a shallow sand bed and letting it cycle. now the tank is not reef ready...what's the best way to go about flow without having to drill? i was going to pick up two PHs and I was thinking of hiding them behind the rock work and attaching L shaped piping. will this work? will i need a fuge or will the LR be enough? should i add any mechanical filtration?


for those of you who have FOWLRs, what do you have stocked in it? i don't want it to look too bare with just rock...any pics would be appreciated!


thanks for any input!

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well typicaly FOWLR's do best with a skimmer but how i dont know HOB perhaos, I would always use a fuge if i could best filter imo.

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