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Not a cozy couple!


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I have gotten up 2 mornings in a row to find my blastos snuggling up to my candy canes. They have been in the same spots for weeks with no problem. I fixed their wagon! I got some LR rubble from my prop tank & the blastos are going to have to go over a wall now. Here is what my poor candy canes looked like this morning. The wilte on the right it the rubble. Thankfully they look recovered tonight.



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Strange... Blastos caused damage? I've never had a blasto cause damage to another coral, it's usually the other way around. Better you moved them though, candy canes can get nasty if provoked. Their sweepers aren't too long though.

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The blastos got rolled over & were head to head with my candy canes. CC heads looked brown in areas & deformed. They are still not filled out like the other heads. Not shrunken but sure not as happy as they could be. They did eat last night.

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