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To scrub or not to scrub?


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Hey everyone!


I usually scrub the inside glass of my tank for viewing pleasure around once a week, but recently, my pod population has skyrocketed! I know this is a great thing, but I was wondering:


Should I scrub the inside glass of my tank even though theres lots of pods, or should I let the snails get to it eventually (I dont want to kill all the pods and the snails seem to pass over them)? I have 5 snails: 4 small turbos, and one golfball-sized turbo in my 12g Aquapod, should I get more snails? Would 2 more turbos, 2 nass, and 2 astrea snails be too much? Suggestions please?




-LJ :D

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yeah most pods will just jump out of the way of your scraper/magnet. if they dont, youd be surprised at how resilient they are. or if they die, no worries, there are PLENTY more in the rock and those that avoided the scraper of doom.

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uhmm, i think 6 turbos would be too much, you'd have to manually try and feed them or something, like 2 in my 20 gal is more than enough, let alone 6 in a 12.

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