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1 gallon pico


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Im going to start a 1 gallon pico reef :D


I have a millinium 2000 filter i am going to fill with live rock rubble. As for lighting i plan to have an 18 watt 6500k and maybe 9 watt actinic. What kind of corals could i keep under this amount of lighting?


Test run:






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You can keep pretty much anything under that lighting. I dont know about SPS though. Maybe someone else can chime in on this. I started a 1G MiniBow. Check out my thread in the Member Aquariums. I have a 10W 50/50 Coralife bulb on mine and I have a small frogspawn, xenia, a little anemone, and GSP. You can keep zoo's, and shrooms too. A ton of other stuff too. Its just up to you!




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Actually, you could keep some easier SPS too but I wouldn't spend a lot of cash on it. You could keep some encrusting monti, though the colors might not be as great. You could also maybe get an orange monti cap or something. They'd be fine, but you're just not going to get the color you'd want with SPS so I wouldn't do it anyway.


Also, why 6500? vs 10k or something?

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i think ur filters about as big as ur tank :), you could probably keep anything but sps


That filter is small compared to the filter i was previously going to put on the tank lol


I was originally going to put this filter on...




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i say trim the prop on the bigger filter or figure out some way to slow down the flow and use that one... you could make it into a really nice fuge, and it would add lots of volume to the tank...


make sure you paint the back of that tank by the way befor you fill it


nice tank by the way

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I have the exact same tank but I'm using it for FW shrimp. Turning it into a pico reef is quite tempting!


Please keep us updated.

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