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I Have to move tank. HOW?


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Ok so I have to move my 10g to carpet the room. I am going to move it from upstairs to Downstairs then after the room is carpeted back to upstairs. The problem is I dont want to disturb the rockwork.


So could I Drain about Half of the water. Pick up the tank and move it. Or would the tank bust under the pressure. Then Just refill the tank when I get downstairs then do the same for upstairs. Or does somebody have a better Idea.


This sucks.

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You really risk it busting if you move that tank with rocks and half filled with water... You never know if the rockwork might fall apart as you're moving (especially down the stairs!) and end up busting a hole in the glass. It's best to move the tank with nothing in it at all.


It can't be that much work draining the tank into 2 5g buckets, and then placing everything (rocks, corals, fish) into it. If you're worried about not being able to recreate your rockwork again, why not just take a digital pic of it before you tear down?

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If you're rockwork sticks out above the water and dries out any, you'll go through a cycle.


Easiest way for you: Put everything in a rubbermaid container. Get a friend to help move it downstairs and plug in your heater and powerhead, light if you want. It can sit down there as long as you need.

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Shouldn't move a tank with anything in it, causes stresses on the seams from twisting and sloshing that can cause leaking down the road.

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I WENT THROUGH THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM, my advice, BRING A FRIEND, trust me its heavy, even if its a 10 gal or w/e, drain half the tank or 3/4 and take out everything, inverts, fish, rocks, corals and put it in buckets, take off your heater, filter, powerhead, i was stupid enough to leave the heater in and it fell and it electricuted the whole tank, but luckily nothing was in it.

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