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Calcinus tibicen, the Orangeclaw Hermit Crab


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My sister gave me like, 8 of these.

Calcinus tibicen, the Orangeclaw Hermit Crab, Family Diogenidae. Tropical West Atlantic. Orange antennae and eyestalks. Eye tips white, eyes with black pupils. Unequal size claws. 1/2 to 1".

Here's a stock photo.



Here's a pic of one of mine.

The biggest one so I could get decent photos.




Anyone know the care of these?

Reef safe?

What do they eat :P

I searched and didnt find any info at all!

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They're omnivores.... all hermits are. Some have a stronger tendancy towards to meat while others lean more to the green. But being onmivores they eat both meat and potatoes.

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