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viix is the shix!


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Alrighty folks, I'm posting here to let you all know about viix and his talent.


Viix made a wood burn of a brown trout for me. This was every bit as good as what he pictured. As a matter of fact, it is better than I expected. The price was nice too. He offered to do it for $50 shipped. But, seeing as how I had some problems with paying him promptly, I gave him some extra(he didn't ask, I just did.)


Now, as I mentioned before, I had problems paying promptly. He was very patient with me, no hassle at all. After he got payment, he shipped it out right away. It was sent yesterday(monday), it was sitting at my door today(tuesday). That's service!


In case you want a burn of something and don't know where to find him. I'm going to post a link to his profile here. (hope you don't mind viix)



Thank you for the excellent work!

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