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new tank - 125g


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Alright, I"ve got my 30 gallon reef running awesome and stocked, and My 20H is coming along nicely, I'm just ganna let it be for a month or to to make sure everything is settled and such before i start shopping for my seahorses, but in the mean time, I'm in the market for a new tank

I'm thinking about a 125g semi-agressive to agressive tank LRAFO


I was just wondering if anyone out there with a 125g LRAFO could maybe tell me what they think, what they have fish wise, and how everything is working out.


here are some fish im interested in if anyone has comments (this is not a stocking list, itsj ust fish im interested in)

Moray eel

volitan lionfish

sargassum trigger

porcipine fish

niger trigger

clown trigger

harlequin tusk

emperor angel

clown tang

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You mean you going to run 3 tanks together? That's a lot of work. I hope it doesn't burn you out. My motto in this hobby is "don't let the hobby becomes a chore". :lol:


Anyway, the aggressive tank sounds awesome. I'd do a species tank just for lionfishes only if I were you. I have seen it before, and it's really cool when the bunch of lions suck their food whole during feeding time.

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