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Skimming- good v. bad


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I'm prob. gonna get a p.skimmer for ma 6 gal nanocube at nanocustoms.com. Are there any reasons not to use a skimmer?

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Other then $ no.


That being said, don't buy a junky cheapo skimmer and expect it to do anything. Its better to either buy..


a. a super sweet skimmer (usually $ but not always)

b. save the money and do more water changes


In your case the tank is so small, water changes are a really good option.

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yea there are bad stuff. it skims out trace elements and calcium, so frequent dosing and testing is always a pain. your also wasting more calcium.

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skimming on such a small tank isn't necessary unless you are heavily stocked and/or feed a lot. water changes and dosing become necessary as stated by LoBo.



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LOL, yea, i have a 20 G, and i have no skimmer, water changes every 2 weeks, minimal feeding. i just dose for calcium, although i wanna try B-ionic i just bought.

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