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Cultivated Reef

My New 2.5

C Jerome

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I got my rock today and set it up in my tank. Even though i picked out small pieces some were still too big so i broke them up some. I like the way they fit together, i did a much better job then in my 6gal i set up over a year ago. I have lots of nices holes and ledges to stick corals in. The set up is

AQ 150

Mini jet 404

50W visi therm delux

5lbs of rock

5 lbs of south down

two snails

one blue leg

two book worms

one 6500K, going to change to 10,000K

one true o3

A really nice custom hood and base yet to be built by me and my neighbor, we were supposed to start working on it on monday but his back went out and now he cant really move so i think we are going to start on monday, it will be really nice he builds amazing stuff.

And I think thats it, the rock was cured so i tossed the snails and crab in and they seem to be fine. Here are my picks, i will post more in a few weeks when i get some corals in there and have my hood


C. Jerome

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