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10 gallons of fun!

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Okay.. I've been reading on here a lot lately, and I've talked to a few of you, but I figured it would be easier for me if I had a place that all the advice would stay written down so I could refer to it.


Here's what I've got:

10 gallon tank

a website on which to post progress

and lots of energy and ambition. ;)


Ive got some other stuff from freshwater tanks, but I figure I should just start out fresh and plan this all out first.  I have no objections to buying a new tank either, but I'd prefer to use my 10 gallon if I can.


I've been looking around at pumps and filters online and at local stores and theres too many to choose from.  I found a submersible pump/filter that was actully reasonably priced, but I'll have to double check on the specs.  Otherwise I was considering geting a mini-jet 404?  What kind of filtration do you recommend?


As far as lighting is concerned, I'm thinking about making my own hood or taking an existing one and modifying it.  


Oh.  I want to have at least one clownfish.  I figure thats important to mention.


Cost is always an issue.  If its less expensive, then I can get more cool stuff for it. ;) Anyhow, I'm losing my train of though, so thanks in advance.

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So far I have 20lbs of live sand, 11.5 lbs of live rock, and my 75 watt heater and mini-jet404 are on their way here along with my smartlamp 32watt retrofit from Chris.  I cant wait to get fish and corals in my tank... but I might be selling my other computer so I can afford all this stuff.  Is it in any way possible to keep a nano with one 32watt?

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Oh yes... when should I start adding cleaner stuff, and what should I get?

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I've got my first smartlight retrofit kit, my minijet 404 pump, and my ebo jager 75 watt heater now.  I need to get the hood put together today and buy some test kits so I can be all prepared and stuff.

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The Bad Dog

I'll tell you what I have and that is what everyone suggested to me.


10 gal tank glass

2x 36w pc after the displacement it is about 4 watts per gall.

you want 1-1.5 lbs LR per gal.

about 1-1.5 inches of LS

you really won't need a filter I've heard nothing good about them.  Small skimmers I've heard both sides of.

weekly water changes will also act as a filter as well as the live rock and sand.

You can also add a refugium.

a heater is a must.

a small powerhead you should have.

the clown is good but NO ANEMONES they are bad for nanos.

you will not want to clutter the tank with pumps, filters stuff like that, because the tank is already small.

you will also want a good salt mix like instant ocean.

And test kits yo must have.

Ammonia, nitrite nitrate phosphate calcium PH usually they are about 12 bucks a pop but you can get better deals online.


so if you are money conscious you are looking at.

$70 for lights

$10-$30 for sand

$70 for LR

$20 for heater

$20 for Powerhead

$70 for test kits

fish vary so thats up to you.

you can probably put one together for under 300 if you bargain shop.  the cheapest thing is the tank which you already have.


When you set it up you'll add water let it sit for a while to clear up.

then the sand and let it settle

then the LR

then let the tank cycle it can take a few weeks so be patient and do not ruch anything.  that is were the mistakes will be made.  

so good luck

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The Bad Dog

Sorry ididn't mention the other critters.

wait until the tank cycles.  that is important.

then you can go with blue leg or red leg hermits 2-3.

snails like astrea or turbo snail 3-4

a cleaner shrimp which are cool and you can hand feed them 1-2.

An emerald or mithrax crab those are cool too but you will never see them. 2 of 1 species or one of each.

as far as fish the clowns are good choice but again no anemones,  damsels which are aggressive blennies.  

No more than 2-3.

Just make sure you research everything before you purchase it.  Most fish are taken straight from the ocean so if you screw up and kill your fish your killing part of the ocean.  So just take your time and enjoy.

I have an emerald crab, cleaner shrimp, 3 astrea snails, 2 blu leg hermits, and miscellaneous corals and other stuff living among the live rock.  I will probably add a scooter blennie.

Again good luck

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