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New pics of my 40B


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sorry I havent replied, I do not get my email notifications, its an AGA 40 breeder, I drilled the bottom corner for the acrylic overflow, and the back of a 3/4 return, I use a 14 gallon acrylic sump that I constructed, Euro-reef RS80 skimmer and 600 GPH return pump, I have a koralia #3 and i have a koralia #1 on order to hit a dead spot on the right back side of the tank. the lighting is a 400 watt MH, the previous pics were a hamilton 14k which I just switched out to a 20k bulb as seen in my new pics, the reflector is a sunlight supply Lumen max 2 and its supported by a post I made of 1.25 inch PVC, ill try to get some coral shots tomorrow, I have frags coming from reefhotspot, also I built the stand myself, it was my first one, cost about 50 bucks total







few more




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a silly question here but does the drain go through a hole in the stand to get to the sump?

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I just posted in your other tread about posting some plumbing pics but I see that you have some in this tread. I think I have the same tank as you. I was going to do a internal overflow and durso but wasnt sure if the bottom glass was tempered or not. But after see these pics I guess the bottom glass isnt tempered then? What did you use to make your overflow box?

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thanks. I went to home depot and lowes today to look for diamond drill hole saw but could not find any. Think I might have to order it online.

Your tank setup is simple and the rockscaping looks really nice. I'm using your tank and other members 40b on here as a guide to help me and my dad setup our tank.

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