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bilge rat

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so i had to break down and put back my 34g cad

i needed to reinforce the stand so i could sleep better

its been 24hrs since i removed and re-added the LS bed


-so now i have all of these....amphipods? (small maggoty looking things about 1/8 of

an inch in length brownish in color) floating on the surface...dead or swimming? im guessing they were in the LS bed.


and there is just this fine...silt layer on top of the main sand bed and still floating around. I turned on the circ pump, added some fiber filter material and turned on the tunze nano 9002 (which after 4hrs is not kicking out any foam yet...foam just rises and falls in the neck of the cup without spilling over).


-how long before this will clear?

-jonesing to re-aquascape



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i was really hoping that this thread was going to be a nubs discussion of techno.


Thats a good one :) {looking for his darude cd}

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