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Coral Vue Hydros

TAH's 40B


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Updated pic







Ok so its time for me to start up another thread involving my NEW!!!!! (actually not so new) 40B..


I recently gave my AP24 away along with my ViaAqua and a few corals to consolidate my already hectic life.


Ok so on with the tank specs then to the pics..


Aquarium: 40g AGA Breeder (its actually 45g's)

Skimmer: AquaC Remora HOB (SOB) w/prefilter box

Heater: Ebo Jajer 100watt

Flow: 2x Hydor Koralia 4

Lighting: 2x 250watt Phoenix 14kk bulbs, dual Bluewave VII HQI ballast and SLS LumenMax III pendents.


Right now I am manually dosing two part for ca and alk needs. I run carbon in the outlet side of the prefilter box 24/7. I hid my heater inside the skimmer body so its not in the tank.







Starting to get color even in the shade Scripps Tri color A. Valida



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Awesome corals! I love 40BRs, that's definitely my next tank (unless I go bigger...). The aquascape is great, very unique.

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Things will look way different as soon as I can get the other lights over the tank. I can arrange the rock like I want instead of having everything crammed under one light.

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It can look WAY better!


I had it setup with no corals in it and it looked BA positioned slightly different on the right hand side of the tank..




This side looks like I want I just need to mount the corals. Its actually very dark the picture makes it look brighter. I want the change the other side though.

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stoney waters

Thats freakin nice, I love your aqua scaping. Maybe its the shadows the single light casts.. it just looks cool.

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stoney waters


Thank you, but I still think you guys are strange...


LOL, Pics can be deceiving, but its not the typical "Pile O Rocks".

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EZ: 36x18x16


Fishfreak218: Those were my box fish but they are no longer in my possession they are now at home with someone else.




They are not a pair though as many think, they are two males.

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nd12nc: Thank you for the compliments, I really strive for excellent color from my animals.



Uhuru: Post a link to your aquarium!


There are a few really nice 40BR floating around NR.


You should also check out this one http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-01/totm/index.php!


I'm trying a few new things with this tank to see how much better I can improve it over my last "small" setup. Vodka dosing is one of the things I have been fiddling with for some time now.

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pattymelt: Ok since you paid for them in all honesty I guess they can be yours. But I fed them LOL!!!


Call me up when your in the area so you can get your frags...

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Beautiful tank, can't wait to see it after you get the lighting and aquascaping finished. What is "vodka" dosing? Dosing vodka literally?. If so what does this accomplish?

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That's a nice looking tank, TAH. Keep the rockwork just the way it is - it's not the standard "pile of rocks" aquascaping.


Nice acans too - fragging anytime soon? ;)

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I will have acan frags at the SoCal Meet N' Swap III and depending on what I have left after that I might ship some out. I have had a few people interested but no one follow through. By the way I love your name.




Yes literally dosing vodka into my aquarium. Its a lengthly discussion to go into but here is some information you can read up on. http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-10/eb/index.php and http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-11/...ature/index.php


I dose a bit different then most do and it has been working for me well. My corals all have a "neon" appearance to them. Even the brown looks good LOL!


Thank you all for the kind words. I just hope it turns out alright down the line.

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Depending on what acan colors ya have left after the SoCal M&S III, I might be interested in getting some stuff shipped out. Keep me in mind dude :)


Keep up the nice work on your tank!

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