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Burrowing Astraea?


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I just noticed one of my astraea snails submerge underneath the LS.... is this normal?



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ive never seen mine do it but i guess it could happen. you sure its an astrea? mine always glide over the top of the sand and spend most of their time on the rocks.

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I used to have a more coarse crushed coral substrate and my astrea had no problem gliding over it. Now, I have fairly fine sand in a new aquarium, and it tends to get stuck when trying to cross the sand and yesterday I had to rescue it and put it on the rocks. I'm not sure the burrowing is normal, it may be stuck. (But having just started using fine live sand, I might just have over reacted when I saw it struggling.) I am pretty sure they are not considered sand sifters.

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Thanks... Its strange, he is doing it again today... guess I will just pull him out again. It could be the fineness of the sand, but he usually seems to cross the sand with no effort.

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