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My new shrimp :)


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guy I know has a 220g reef and has TONS of those little white astrina stars..I am gonna get a BUNCH of them and toss them in the tank.


Why would you chop off this shrimp's legs or freeze it?

LOL he ment the starfish..cause all they eat are the starfish feet

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THose are super cool! i just wish i had a good supply of astrina stars, the 4 or 5 i got wouldn't last long. :) very cool man.

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Very nice 05.. I've got 4 myself.. 2 are a pair from Hawaii.. I usually feed mine every 2 weeks..

What kinda stars do u feed. Also you feed every 2weeks. As in they eat some and dont eat again for 2weeks. or the starfish will last 2weeks.

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yea they are reef safe fish and coral..just cant have any starfish or it will eat it. thats its only food source.

They are tough little buggers to.

The other day i was looking in my tank and my emerald crab was by some rocks. The harliquen came leaping out of the rocks onto the crabs legs. I guess got to close to his starfish. The crab got scared and tried to run and the harlequin was pullin at him. My emerald crab is 3x the size to. Once the shrimp let go the crab took off...I thought it was funny as hell.

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so if i have an orange linkia then its a bad idea hrm...

Yup :)

But IMO, these guys are wayyy cooler than Orange Linkias... your choice :D


I had bunch of those little nuisance starfish in my old 55g a couple years ago. Threw one of these guys in my tank and he wiped them all out within a couple weeks. After that I would go buy Sand Sifting stars for 5 bucks at my LFS and feed him every 2-3 weeks. Its fun to watch them pounce on a star 5-6 times their size, flip it over, & then go to town. I hear that they do even better when you get them in pairs.

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I saw one and it really tempted me as well. If you guys are getting good results by feeding once every few weeks, maybe i should consider one myself.

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i bought mine about 3weeks ago and he is still on the same sand sifter star I got it. and there is a good bit left as well. I say 1 starfish a month is needed to buy maybe a little less

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I saw one of these guys at the LFS and I wanted it so bad...is there anything else it will eat?


if not...would it be a good idea for a 3gal? Id get some asterina stars for him so its not a huge pile of decaying star fish

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They are cool.. My buddy has one at work... had a bunch of those little stars in his pico and got the harlequin. The Harlequin actually herds the stars and keeps them in one part of the tank and eats when he gets hungry. It's like he's a natural farmer and let's the stars grow/ reproduce to fit his needs. Pretty awesome looking shrimp and incredible to watch.

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