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Cultivated Reef

Peppermint shrimp

moe sizlack

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fraggle rockette
you just have to get the right species of pep


my old one was awesome at eating aptasia... my new ones just awesome at ####### off my fox coral and hanging from it upside down



...but if i see bites off it, the fooker will die. :angry:

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they are also awesome at eating coral :D

Are you sure you have a peppermint and not a camel? My peppermint hasn't touched any of my coral. I don't have any aptasia though. :happydance:

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Ok, i have two peps and i had to train the suckers. The way you do it is easy. You feed the aiptasia :) and chase of the shrimp for a while till the aiptasia has kinda sucked in the food. Then you let the shrimps go at it, they will start picking at the aiptasia and get the taste ;)

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