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12gal. AquaPod Start-Up...The Adventure Begins


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So I finally decided to get a new Nano! Due to space constraints, I opted for the 12gal. Tank has been up for 1 week now and I already have some diatoms showing up :mellow:


I went for the already known mods: ditched bioballs, carbon & ceramic cubes, upgraded pump with a MJ900 and closed lower intake grill. I left the sponge but once cycle is complete, I plan on cutting it and leaving just 1/3 of it to prevent Nitrate buildup. I also plan on putting some Chemi Pure on Chamber 1 and LR rubble in Chamber 2. I still can't decide what to do with Chamber 3, although I'm leaning on a Refugium. Chamber 4 will have Pump and Heater.


I got 15lbs. of regular (non-live) sand and 19lbs. cured Fiji Live Rock. I'm not sure if its too much LR, tank seems a bit overcrowded although I managed to recreate some cool cave forms B) Here are a few pics:





With nice base that beats crappy stock base:



Under the Blues:



I have tested Params only once with the following results:

Ammonia: 0.4

Nitrite: 0.2

Nitrate: 10

pH: 8.0


So its clear I'm in the very early stages of my cycle.

Any comments are more than welcomed!

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I like it, and i dont think its too much liverock, I have 30lbs in my 15H. Seeing everyone starting to set these aquapods, nanocubes and such up. I am getting an itch to do so also.


Kepp us posted and pictures rolling!

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Ok, time for an Update for this post!!

A month after setup I went and got a CUC of 7 Cerith Snails, 2 Hermit Crabs and a Skunk Cleaner Shrimp which by the way, molted just 6 days after I got him! My diatom bloom was fairly small but nevertheless those critters got to work in a hurry. Funny thing, I thought Ceriths were good sand stirrers as they tend to bury in the sand. Well, not this they don't. They just clean the glass and the LR.

Another week went by and I decided to add a nice Ocellaris Clown. Once in my LFS, I also saw this gorgeos YWM Goby and I couln't resist :P

And so, on to the Pics!!!





YWM Goby taking a peek:



Cleaner Shrimp - Molted!!



Finally, my Ocellaris:



Im planning on letting tank mature another month and then maybe get a small Zoo or Goniopora Coral.

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wow beautiful aquascape, roughly how many pounds do you have in there?

Thnx for the comment, I have 19lbs. Fiji Rock.

At first I thought it was too much, but I guess a little extra bio filtration wouln't hurt ;)

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Nice aquascape. Ceriths won't clean your sand. They'll stick to the glass mainly. What you want are Nassarius snails.(you got the wrong ones :P ). Tank looks great so far, keep us updated.

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UPDATE!!! (Was about time!! :rant: )

After setting up my 12 gal. I had a few setbacks, including a huge red hair algae outbreak, which by the way haven't entirely gotten rid of.

Fortunately my False Perc & YWG have been able to withstand all of this, but plans of stocking corals were put on hold until tank was in optimal conditions, but right now Im going in the right direction so in my last visit to my LFS, I came out with this:



And this:



And just when I was about to leave, took a shot at this:



So, right now my tank looks like this:




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I like the aquascape...I too like the goniopora, let me know if it has a feeding response. My purplish one does, and my met green one doesn't...i direct feed rotifers with a turkey baster. I can't wait to grow coralline like that. also... a few years back I tried this red slime remover and it worked on my previous reef tank. I think your clown whispered to me that he wants an anemone :P

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Wow! Cool corals, and nice tank. Good luck with RHA fight. I have been fighting several forms of algae, mainly GHA. I had a cyano outbreak, but seem to have it beat at the moment. I bought some RO/DI water with a phosphate control additive, and reduced photoperiod drastically, as well as reducing feedings drastically. I still have a few patches of GHA, but i'm leaving for a few days this weekend, and hopefully the lack of feedings will encourage the peppermint shrimp and the emerald crab to chow down on that nastiness!


Anyhow, glad to see you didn't give up the hobby!

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Got some more goodies and lost a couple after a chiller failure in the middle of summer. Overall I'd say tank is coming along quite nicely. Look at the growth of those Sunnys and Lakers in just a couple of months. Must be 3-4 new polyps in those!






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