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Sea Slug

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Not to stir the pot again , and I understand about the disks not blending in for the buyer , I use live rock rubble as much as possible , but sometimes when the frag tank is getting full , you can get alot more space with the plugs . I have alot people come to my house and when they like the frag but not the disk , I take a pair of bone cutters and trim the disk under the polyps to the point where all you see is the frag but when you turn it over ther is a small piece of solid plug to use for glue into your reef . So if you don't like the plugs buy a pair of small bone cutters ( about $12.00 ) and trim them when they arrive . One of the best $12.00 piece of equipment you will own . HTH


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BTW---I WAS ONLY KIDDING!! If lgreen were hair gel, I would use it every day. He is nice and whatever you guys think about frag plugs is cool.


I was totally, totally playing!!! :)


Sorry---my joking sometimes doesn't come across in text.


Now all of you get those nasty looking frags on plugs and send them to me. PM me for the shipping address and I will pay half of the shipping.





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Wow, lots of frag plug talk lately. Quick question if I may. Would this also work for the tile mounted frags?? I had been thinking about getting a pair of tile "nippers" from Home Depot or whatever. But I thought they might shatter. Thoughts?? And as for the plugs and discs. I can understand both sides of the plug debate and I'm not really sure what the answer is. But I think threads like this one helps a lot with how to better deal with the situation. So thank you Sea Slug. And send the three polyps of PPE on the bright white 2.5" disc to me. I'll deal with it when it gets here. :)

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:lol::lol::lol: There on the way Needreefunds.........And yes tile nippers would work but on occasion you might shatter the tile .
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I bought the greatest plugs on eBay. They're flat with a magnet inside and you fasten them to the glass with a magnet on the other side of the glass. My tank is stuffed and it's given me a chance to add lots of extra frags. Yes, it may not look the greatest, but it allows me to grow out some terrific extra frags. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them listed for a couple of months.

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