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ro/di ebay


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i went on ebay looking for a ro/di unit. there are so many units which one is for me. i dont need to make much water. the same sellers have the same units for different prices. no bidding prices. selling buy it now prices. with a ro/di unit what do i need to look for? besides how much water it makes.

there are units from 3 stages for 90.00 to 4 stages for 100.00 and 5 stages with a tank etc. from 100.00- 340.00. such a wide variety of prices. i want a plug and play unit. i dont want to buy anything , just an all in one unit. period.

with those cheap units are they good?> there no name brands. is it easy to find the cartrages for the,m? are they generic? \

just need to know , as always thank you

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