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water storage


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Pretty much anything that is made of plastic. Rubbermaid tubs, garbage cans, etc.....


I use a 25 gallon tank with anywhere from 10-20 gallons stored at a time. Im building 2 seperate tanks, 20 gallons each. 1 to hold saltwater mix, the other for freshwater topoff.



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I have two 28 gal rubber maid buin or something like that. One is salt water, the other is RO. I have a powerhead in the salt water tank to mix it, and keep the water moving. it also heats the water up to about the temp i keep my tank, so water changes arent so rough on the tank. The RO/DI bin has one of those Kent float valves that will stop the To water once the water gets to a certain level. now I never have to worry about overflowing that bin again!!! Also a powerhead in there.. an air stone would do too. No need for me to warm my FW up...

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