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Anyone ever order snails before?


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Well I bought 25 nassarius snails on ebay the other day. I got the shipment today. They where shipped with no water just wrapped up in a wet cloth. This seems like the dumbest thing ever. Since all but 1 seem to be alive and I have had them in the water for a few hours now.

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did they take along time to come back around..its probably been about 3hrs and only one seems to have come around...they stink to

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you can try putting them in another bowl see if it helps. If not contact the seller...see what they can do for you

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most snails and crabs are intertidal, so they can come out of the water. it's not abnormal to get them shipped to you "dry" (meaning damp). I wouldnt use a paper towlel and wrap them, but having a wet paper towel in the bag for them to hold onto wouldnt be a bad idea.

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yea they they stunk and where dead.

I am waiting on the seller to contact me about replacement.


When snails are shipped to us at the store thats how they come, wrapped in newsprint.

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