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24DX w/o cracks @ 6months


Trying to improve my camera skills. Figure if I post a pic every month I can track my progress....if there is any.

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Now that I see this pic online its too dark...damn, last one was too bright. So I have the Momma Bear pic and the Daddy Bear pic...now I have to get one that's just right!(Baby Bear) Hopefully everyone either read "The Three Bears" or had it read to them or else you're going to think I've lost my last active brain cell.

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Just have the 72 watts of PC on in the pic. Also have a 70W MH and a couple of non-stock moon lights with variable intensity in the hood. 27 watts of PC for a fuge light attached to the back of the tank which shines into the fuge area. Want to add an actinic light to the hood also. Even with the daylight/actinic Pc's and a 14000k MH the tank looks a little too yellow for my taste.

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The MH retro-fit is from Aquabuys. I highly recommend them. For installation in a Nano-Cube hood, use the search function. There are a couple of excellent threads available.

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Yup..look in my gallery for the pic labled "this is fun?" Really, it just takes some time and a little mechanical aptitude. Comes with directions and Aquabuys will help but the best instructions are the existing threads that have pictures showing what they did. In that other pic I was adding a bunch of stuff not just the 70w so it is a total mess.

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I have two...the other one can just barely be seen behind and below the yellow Ric. One of my Cleaner Shrimp is on it in the pic so its hard to identify. Both Blastos, the Blue and the Green Mushrooms and the Candy Cane are all from Platinum Reefs (Tigahboy)

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Yep, Dennis has some high quality stuff, and at a good price. I've bought cheaper but not better.

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