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remora pro with custom surface skimmer


I don't think anyone has done this before. I attached a regular surface skimmer to my mag 3.

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Hello people.

Hey where do I get my hands on a "regular surface skimmer?" I really need to work on my water surface but the remora skimmer box is huge for my little 20 gallon. This looks perfect! Any websites carry this?

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Omayra - you can get those just about anywhere, check the big places for low prices, Dr's foster and smith, and marinedepot.com.


JsL - any reason you don't just have the inlet of the mag plugged directly into the skimmer? seems like if you slide over the remora a litte to the right you could plug one right into the other by rotating the mag around.

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Jsl, Thanks for the great idea............. I have never been able to acheive a "dry" foam with my Remora. Its always been a pain in the arse to have a skimmer and still have surface slime.

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omayra: I got it at bigalsonline.com


MadTownMax: No performance reason, I tried it before. If I turn the mag around, it'll look bigger in my tank. The "block" of the mag will be farther from the corner and it'll take up more visual space. I am in the process of powering my remora pro externally and with the surface skimmer.


gmy: You're welcome! The surface film is what stinks!!! It made my room smell like #&*$! Not anymore though :)

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