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purple sea slug


my sea slug climbing over my rock (overgrown with macro algae).

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In the tank i also have a cleaner shrimp and cinnamon clown as well as some easy to keep corals.


They eat algae and stuff around the tank. They are easy to keep but dont have a long life span.


Why not buy it? its cool!

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Dude those things eat sponges, I baught the same species a while ago and ended up taking it back because its simply not a sustainable species in a home aquarium.


Not to mention its deadly toxic when it finally croaks - which it will...


Good luck to ya though.

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there's minimal info about em really, they have a strict diet, but im pretty sure some people luck out and have bits of what they eat. (sponged)

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from what ive heard they mostly eat sponges

unless ur tank is big enough your probably headed for disaster, as they expel some serious nastiness when they pass

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