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Sun Coral


big boy trying to steal all the food

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Photo Information

  • Taken with Google Pixel 2
  • Focal Length 4.4 mm
  • Exposure Time 7993/1000000
  • f Aperture f/1.8
  • ISO Speed 95

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Beautiful sun coral. How do you feed it without polluting your tank? I have one that's very reluctant to eat and only opens at night. The amount of brine shrimp I've been enticing it with seems to be too much for my IM 20 Nuvo. 

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Mine have been very easy to feed, I know they aren't all like this. I try to feed every other day in the evenings. Usually at least some of the tentacles are starting to peak out in the evening. I turn off the flow and use a dropper to feed each head. I start with the ones that have some tentacles out, so it can grab the mysis and the pieces don't float away. By the time I feed a couple heads, maybe give something to my fish or another coral, all the tentacles are out and I spot feed each head a few mysis or pellets or something. I think consistency is key. I slacked over the holidays and skipped several days, and they wouldn't open for me at the random times I tried. I got back on schedule every other evening, and within a couple feedings they were back to normal. You might try feeding it at night and slowly feeding earlier and earlier, training it to open at a more convenient time for you? Some people take it out and put it in another container to feed as well, so that might be another option to start training it to a different time.

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I'll try it. I had a nice easy one like that years ago and when I got this new guy, I thought they would all be like that. Now I feel lost but I know I can entice him (or her) if I follow your suggestion. I'm having a brown algae attack in my tank right now though and may post about it to see what I'm doing wrong (I don't feel like I'm overfeeding!). So, on second thought, maybe I will pull him out until I figure out what I'm doing wrong overall. Thanks for the advice. 


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