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Cultivated Reef

octo in nano


reef octopus named octo

the only inhabantant of my 5 gallon nano

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Tank Shots

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Ahhhhh! That's F-ing awesome! I loooveeeee them! Actually I love to eat them. MMM. throw him on the grill! Some fresh, lemon olive oil, garlic, pita bread.... Or maybe sliced nice and thin for some sushi.

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aw he's awesome. Good for you!


I'd keep cephs, but I cry when stuff dies, I dont know how well I could handle their short lifespan. I'll crack someday if theres one trying to start a game through the glass at the lfs

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Thats cool! Does your Nano have a top and is it necessary. How big is he and does he grow fast. All these questions because i'm thinking of having one.

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yeah blue rings.....pretty toxic. where and how could you legally obtain one of the most deadly creatures on earth?

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nice i had a bluering for about 6 months but had to give it back to the lfs couse he kept on escaping from my nano .i got a call 1s a day sayin come and put your animal away plz.

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put his food in a jar and throw it in the tank...

he will open it up and get the food out

try it

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