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5 gallon nano with octo the octopus

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u can't put an octo in a 5gallon.. their life span is about 2 years ... you'll be lucky if he lives a year under that stress!

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Bah, I think he just did - let the guy be - he wants an octopus - he wants an octopus - HECK, I want one too damnit ;)

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dude ive had him in that for 2 years so i guess he has nine lives


theres lots of places to hide and he loves it no stress at all


he takes food from my hand and his tank has perfect quality as far as water and lighting

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hes a reef octopus and hes bad ass

hes tame he takes food from my hand and he will crawl all over my hand and my arm he likes his tank and i think he likes me, at least when i feed him

he knows who i am he will only come out for me

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That's AWESOME!! I'm brand new to saltwater. I have 2.5 gallon nana-reef that I started 2 weeks ago. The whole reason I wanted to do saltwater was so that I could eventually get an octopus.


Here come the questions:


I saw in one of your other threads that you've had the octopus in this 5 gallon tank for 7 mos, but you mention above that you've had him for 2 years. What size tank were you keeping him in for the first 17 months?


What are all the particulars of your current setup? (i.e. frequency and size of water changes, types of filtration, etc.) I've read that it's difficult (nigh impossible) to keep an octopus in a tank that small for any length of time. How do you do it?


What species of octopus is it? Did you catch it yourself or buy it somewhere?


You should check out www.tonmo.com and www.octopets.com (although I'm guessing you probably already know about them, being an octopus enthusiast)


I'm totally jazzed about this and eagerly await your reply.


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what's the latin name for this kind of octopus?

i'm finally planning to make nano w/ octopus.

btw, how much does it costs?

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