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30 Cube


This is my new 30 gal cube.

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Awesome idea/aquascape...the big cave, but IMO won't that be a huge dead space for deritus to accumulate? Are you going to put something (corals or other) in the cave, or is just going to be a safe place for fish to gather? Very unique and great idea..Please keep us updated on the pix of this tank. I will keep this idea in mind for my huge tank I am doing in my next house next year...it would be easy to aim some powerheads toward the middle of the cave in a large tank for some circulation in there (cave)...maybe you still can do it in a 30G..just an idea to eliminate dead spots in the water...HTH

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I forgot to say..IMO it looks like the powerhead in your pix will shoot water straight towards the front glass pane and then ricochet off it and shoot the water straight into your cave, pushing all deritus trapped in there. This is the dead spot I was talking about.

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it would help if the cave was slightly elevated by more LR or PVC pipe so the flow going in there can carry detritus out

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