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NC12DX FTS - 1 Year - Right Side


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Thanks shnphan! Here is the list...

12G NanoCube DX - stock lights! Maxi-Jet 600 Pump, NanoCube Surface Skimmer, 14lbs 'Jakarta' Live Rock, 2 True percs, Red stripe cleaner shrimp, Red Mushrooms, Green Mushroom, Green Hairy Mushroom, Various Zoanthids, Ricordia, Branching Frogspawn, Anthelia, GSP, Xenia, Clove Polyp, Acropora (experimental free frag - seeing how it grows under PC's). I don't supplement per se. I feed my clowns/shrimp/tank daily. Day one is OSI Marine Flakes, Day 2 is frozen (thawed) Mysis Shrimp, Day 3 is frozen brine with cyclopeeze. every third or 4th day I also feed 2ml of Kent Marine Phytoplex. As for water changes, I do 1Gal every 7-10 days or 14 days if I get lazy and clean all the sponges at the same time. I change carbon every three weeks as well. It has been working good so far .

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