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Shrooms, Blenny, & Goby


I'm always on the look for a great tank shot. I lurk by the tank some nights with my camera in hand just waiting for the right moment. There was almost no need for lurking when i took this shot.


The Lawnmower Blenny (Marty), and the Clown Goby (Tessie) just posed for multiple shots! Marty has always been a bit of a ham, but Tessie is a shy one. What's also interesting about this shot is that Marty & Tessie are practically mortal enemies. Tessie can't come out of her den for more than a second or two before Marty spots her, and chases her down. This certainly is a rare moment.


The Camera:


5.1mp Cannon Powershot SD400 elph


This camera certainly has its pros and cons, but in the end, one can still get a great picture out of it. The picture listed here has been made smaller to fit on the screen, as the orginal was tremendous!

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that is a nice shot. the shrooms and blenny complement each other. great colors

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Thanks Guys. Can you submit any sized image? If so, i may relupload with a larger shot.-h-

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Ive never seen a Blennie take on a red color before. Mine switches between white, brown, and black. Too funny, I agree the Lawnmower is a Total ham in the tank and will always come out and get in the way of my macro shots.

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^ya mine will get reds, blues, yellows, and greens in him. But his predominate coloration is the brownish tanish greyish color

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beautiful blenny what do you feed yours? I just got mine the other day and offered him nori and he wont touch it, I have a little algae patch in the tank on a rock that he hasnt touched either what do you suggest?

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