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SPS frags


This picture pretty much encapsulates all SPS in my tank at the moment..all frags.


From back left to front

Baby blue Samoian

Multi-color pink montipora

not sure

Green Slimer

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mushroom head


Is the unknown sps the one thats bleached a bit? If that is the one it looks like its pocillipora.

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thanks, yeah, it's the bleached one. One of my friends who has a new tank got like three frags of that, so I took one, since there's no way it'll survive in his tank right now. Hopefully the color will come back. It's still only about three days in my tank.


Fish: as of the past week or so, the slimer is really showing some polyp extension, more than I've ever seen. The montipora is doing well, although that blue samoean or whatever is seeming to lose it's color a bit.

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hmm, I recognize that one. well, I don't think ours are automatically going to die. Actually the tank's looking pretty good. We have pods and a molted hermit, and we are getting purple algae growing now... we'll see...

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oh good, that's good to hear :) Yeah, I'm just pessimistic, I certainly hope your tank thrives early :)

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