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Stock Nanocube24 @ 4mths


Everything seems to be doing well so far... only thing lve lost is a single lettuce nudibranch - Frogspawn coral has grown a few small branches, yellow zoas have tripled their colony, other polyps only a few here and there.. but has increased since i started feeding more regularly [from never to twice a week].

Sabae anemone was horribly white when i got it.. is colouring up nicely and seems to be happy. I got a small hitchicker SPS which has doubled in size - in this shot its strangely fully retracted, like it does once a fortnight [is this normal?]. The Goniapora was sold to me as a 'hardy species' which I now know isnt, but seems to have coloured up alot and my small ocelaris doesnt know what to do with himself!


Comments truely appreciated..

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BTW - stock lighting with some sunlight for about 1-2hrs,


filtration is sponges, carbon and phosphate pads


Extra pump inside main tank - the outlet of the pump moves side to side and creates a somewhat oscillating current


waterchange - every week! [phew!]

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Its a firefish, plus theres one ocellaris and a domino damsel which i transferred from my old 9gal which i had for 9mths

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Eric Lundgren


Wow!! I love it. My 24g NC comes in Monday and I want it to look just like this someday!

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