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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Zoanthids' Garden


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Thanks. Vote for me, guys! I wanna know what the hell they're chatting about in the premium-members-only forum. If I win, I promise to report via cut-n-paste all their little gossips and make them public.

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The cheap skates gave us all a complex about the premium forum so it's gone...


sooner or later it will be back, like it or not.

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Doh! I didn't even know that. Sorry. I never opposed the premium member forum. I guess my stab at humor is misplaced.

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with only one vote...i have to give it to this one. damn nice. just share your techniques for growth.

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Just use superglue gel and have fun with it, and try to get as much rock rubbles off the frag as much as possible to allow for an even rainbow mat when it's grown out. I find that the pink polyps tend to get huge and overcrowd other zoos for light... so it's something to consider when you put it next to some zoos that usually don't get so big. Like those flourescent red. This is just from my experience.

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Thanks Newbie527 and others, thanks to all (... okay so it's only 13 individuals...) those who voted for me. *wink* If you guys ever need to search for something and the server is busy, or you need my new 50 meg limit to upload some pictures, just shoot me a pm to let me know. lol.

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Wow! Really impressive zoos! If you ever want to thin them out, I'll buy some *Wink, wink*!!

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those pinks with the whiteish skirt looks sweet. those are about the only ones in the pic that i dont have. nice job....

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I'm still drooling.... glad you won!

You got my vote (and I was entered too...lol)


...now, how about selling some frags?



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Hah hah, guys, thanks a lot. The #1 reason why my zoas are so grown out is because I've let them grow out while you guys are fraggin' yours!!! LoL. However, it does look like I will have to trim down some of them because they are overgrowing other colors. Especially the pinks and greens, they get HUGE and really kills the adjacent polyps. Grr. I'll let you guys know.

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congrats on winning...


have to admit i have misused work reaources and printed it out on A3 using the colour laser, then laminated it... lol


makes a great poster

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I am trying to stick pieces of living rock together using an epoxy putty but im not doing very well!


When you say you are using superglue gel do you mean the normal superglue gel you get form a convenience store? is there a one that is non-toxic or are they all ok to apply underwater??


i wait in anticipation for your reply!

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