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Coral Vue Hydros

"Sounds like Rhetoric" 20gal Two-sided (1yr!)


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I can't seem to get my Nitrate to go above 2.  They have reached zero a few times, been dosing a little neo to keep it up.  I've literally doubled my feeding at this point.


I'd rather not dose all the time so I picked up another fish (bigger bio load) 


The new fire fish - She was shy the first few days but is out eating and making more frequent appearances.



The emerald crab passed away.  Something was wrong with one of his claws, he never used it was just hanging there.  Maybe he got hurt in transportation or I bought him that way, not sure.


I picked up another as this bubble algae thing isn't over. 


Zilla 2.0



These emerald crabs knock my frags off like crazy.  Having to reglue frags a couple times a week.

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Down to 1 clown again, orange beat the crap out of white clown.  So white went back to the store.  The new emerald crab has been a model citizen.  He eats the little bubble algae bit not the big ones.  I'll keep removing during water changed, it's slowly getting better.


My all for reef bottle went dry and Alk dropped to 6.1 been bring it back up slow.  My immortal tort frags started to bleach but are already recovering.


Its been a few weeks since Ive put my hands in the tank.  Have a few new green hair algea patches.  Will scrub them with the next water change this weekend.  Will also do the third round of heavy bubble removal.


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Reef stock 2024:


  After spending some time talking lighting with a few different booths, I ended up buying a new G6XR15 pro (15% tradeshow discount). Looking forward to figuring out how to mount it, thinking a custom shelf.


Daughter and I got a little therapy in!


Found some chunky zoa frags.





Found a pink and orange cyphastrea (my camera filter does no justice) Going to try and get it to encrust my back wall.


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Nice little reef !


The Radion will be a big upgrade from the Prime. Your corals will take off once you've ramped it up !

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New light came in, starting with a ceiling mount to get it up and going.  I will clean it all up after I figure out all the hanging intricacies.


Not sure what to do with the cord just yet.


Old set up


New set up



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Quick update: Set the new light to 70% (where I had the AIPrime) and put into acclimation mode at 30% for 90 days.  I went with a light configuration recommended by Jake Adams.  I changed it back from 10 hours to a 12 hour light cycle (why I set it acclimation for so long).


A few more pictures of the zoas from Reef stock.  Everything settled in good and looks happy.  The zoa rock is really starting to come into its own.




The meter cyphastrea is loving the lower light setting.  Will have to see how it handles the brighter light.  I had it under a bird nest shadow before with the AI.



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The war on Bubble algae!  
















How did I do it?

100% manual removal with big tongs.  


Bubble algae removal every water change 30+ minutes.  Shut off return pump and net out the floaters afterwards.  I kept an eye on the return pump it needed cleaned out the next day...every time.


Now I spend 5-10 mins and keep it at bay.  Zilla the emerald definitely helps keep little ones from growing.  


I'm calling it 3-0 victory.

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Was running the tank lid less for awhile, but after my female clown jumped I put it back on.  I have a lot of regret about all that.  I hate the way the black lid looks, so I picked up a kraken reef lid.  


I still don't like the look of lids but it looks much better.  








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Ah yes. Guilt, or perhaps I should say regret, justifying the ridiculously high cost of yet a Kraken lid. I'm sure you're not alone in making that decision.


It does look very nice. 

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The new lid definately looks way nicer. Sweet upgrade. Sorry to hear about the female clownfish.


Although.. I perfer topless too 😉

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Always tinkering:

New light is about half way through the acclimation mode.  It's doing a great job of growing algae!  Lol.


I definitely am running a lot more white light then with the AI.  I like the way it looks and so the algae wars have begun.


Changed the light back to a 10 hr cycle from 12.  


Weekly manual removal has begun.


I bought a batch of snails (5) and they all died by  morning.  I dripped them for 45 mins before adding.  I did test my salinity and find it at 1.029 Will try again.


I was at Aquatic Art a week or 2 ago, had to bring home a coral or two.





With my salinity going up to 1.029,  I removed 1 cup of water every morning for about a week to get it back to 35.  Over all the water chemistry has been pretty good.  Mag is elevated atm not sure why, it's always low.  I'm thinking it's the test kit.  Maybe it has to do with the salt level changing. 





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Stopped by the house for lunch and my return pump was very noisy!  I was worried the pump was failing.  Time to get a back up ordered incase.


Took the pump out and...



Not sure those photos show it proper.  Every vent on the entire pump was clogged with bubble algae.  5 mins of a tooth brushing and it's back to its usual quite self.


Awards a point to team bubble algae 



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Added a new fish today.




This is the third tail spot blenny since the beginning.  I really like the character of these fish.  This one was eating on day one.  Fingerscrossed.




I enjoy the game of hide and seek they bring to my tank.


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Lost my Betta a week or two, thought I'd post the new one.  His colors are all over the place, in the right light he can be blue or black or red or even purple.




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