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Major new feature: Graphical custom schedule

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All good!

Dimming below 1% and the colors work just fine.

Thanks Spencer.

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What about an 'auto-save' for when the custom schedule is enabled? I spent a a bit of time making/adjusting the schedule, but ended up "exiting" without saving. :(  now I'm just back to the NBR default for now. 

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I finally had time to try this out, and I really like it!  I am having a problem with the fan channel though. I need to run it 24/7 or it stops and does not restart without a nudge  (known issue with Tides). My problem is that the minute between 11:59 and midnight everything shuts off. So, i have to restart the fan everyday. My light graphis below. Note the drop to zero at midnight... this is not part of the program. 





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Do the natural sun settings work for this?

Or does it make no sense...

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