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Brad's IM Nuvo 8


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After 5 years away from the hobby I'm finally getting back into it. I picked up a IM Nuvo 8 yesterday and got things rolling today. Still working on rock placement... but who is ever satisfied right?


I used to have a 65 gallon and a 2 gallon pico which I loved... Moved from Chicago to NY and wasn't about to make the move with everything.


IM Nuvo 8

Stock lighting / Pump
50 Watt Eheim / Jager
CaribSea Live Sand
11lbs live rock

Various extras.. Test kits, Mag float etc etc.




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Well 10 days have gone past... Cycle complete now. Ammonia and Nitrates are back down to 0. Probably going to get a cleanup crew over the weekend.


Getting some algae on the left hand side that I havent been able to ID yet.



This guy was on the rock from the LFS. It appears that it was damaged in transit to the store. It seems to be turning a corner and coming back nicely. The damaged area is starting to fill in again.




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