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Pacific East Aquaculture, Happy Ending.

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This order was received by the OP on Friday. We did do a follow up call as we do with all of our shipments, got no answer and left a message. The OP sent us an email last night after hours (10:30 pm eastern) reporting the problem, and we got back to him today as soon as we received the email and had the opportunity to look into the matter. We have offered the OP a full refund of the price paid for the frag in question.


As has been suggested, this was an honest mistake on our end. All of our website WYSIWYG livestock is tagged at our facility with the Item ID number for inventory control. We had a number of very similar frags--same original colony with +/- a polyp or two, and somewhere along the lines a couple of the ID tags on them must have been mixed up. When we pulled the order we grabbed the wrong one as a result. While we make every effort to avoid these kinds of mistakes, we are human and sometimes it happens. Our appologies to the OP for the inconvenience, and we hope you will give us another chance to serve you on a future order.



Buddy I'm glad everything got resolved. Dr.Mac and the crew at PEA are great people. I'm a local to them and I am always bragging about them on the forums. They truly are just great people to deal with. Don't be afraid to order from them :) they're packaging is excellent and they process they ship in is prime( they bag around 6pm and make the overnight drop off at 7:15 so the livestock is in transit as short a possible).


As far as the mix up with the tags - it happens as they said they're only human. And there are a few hands that interact with the corals you receive. For the most part they all use the same system of tag placement. Sometimes you accidently put the wrong picture to the tag or the wrong tag to the frag. I'm sure you understand. They're facility has hundreds of frags in a single tank and 18 very large tanks(12ftx3ft).


Enjoy your frags sir ;). I am surely enjoying mine - 70% of the coral in my tank is from PEA.

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My wife and I drove about 2 hours to there retail store and were very impressed with it. We picked up 5 frags and could not be happier with them. There natural sun lit room is really cool and the clams they have were awesome. Probably had the best display tanks I have seen. First time seeing a zero edge aquarium there and it was bad ass. I will definitely be going back. Great to see a good company step up and admit it was there fault and make good on it.

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If you guys even bother to read what I post, I'm definitely not flaming them, but sharing what happened.


Errors happen, but you need to allow the vendor a chance to make it right before publicly damaging their reputation. And let's be realistic here, any post with "vendor name - UNHAPPY" in the title can be potentially damaging to business.


It's great that you apologized, but let things play out next time before posting. A simple waiting of a day or two would've avoided this whole mess.

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