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-> Brief note on recent nanocube 6 damage

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Hi everyone.

I think that with the recent occurance of failure with the nanocubes, i have an explanation for the latest round of "broken tanks", at least the ones shipped by me earlier this week.

I have a feeling there was an "event" at my local fedex station, be it an overpacked load, or rough handling. In the past month, fedex has had a great track record, but this week, its been lousy.

There have been 3 incidents of cracked cubes, and all 3 are shipments that occured on Monday June 6.

Hope this helps a little. As far as amcgee and sNIERBO, im sorry for your loss. Im glad to hear that in Snierbo's case, the LFS is doing the right thing.

I have a very long list of busted tanks I have yet to settle (lack of time on my side) with JBJ, but i have faith that they will settle, since both of our priorities was to keep the customer happy.




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Thanks for the great customer service Chris. The new tank you sent me just survived a 5.0 earthquake in SoCal so I trust it. Let me know if JBJ gives you any grief on the settlement and I'll do what I can for you.

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It's really unfortunate that these issues seemed to crop up at the same time as the contest :(. I'm having fun with my cube - I hope everybody without a cracked cube sticks it out.



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Just a little update another tank broke, supernips to be exact. This was well into the competition. I'm starting to think that these cubes are just poor quality to begin with.

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