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Bio load?

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ive continuously heard inverts (Shrimp crabs and snails) Wont affect the water chemistry, they dont put off ammonia. My question is, is there any limit to how many inverts you can have in a tank? If they dont put out ammonia to the extent that fish do, cant you have alot of inverts?
I hear they only do good for your tank



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Anything that is alive produces bio load. Sure, crabs and shrimp produce less than fish on average. However, they still produce waste, thus a bio load.

As for figuring out just how much your tank can efficiently maintain , I have no idea. Tank size, amount of LR and LS, filtration, size of specific animals, their dietary requirements, all play a role.

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If it eats it poops. Simple as that.

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My vortech eats snails....