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How to change a Top FinŽ 10 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit to a salt water tank?

28g nano noob

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wally world same things 30$ lol and get a different light bigger hob filter so u can mod into a fuge if u wanted sum water sand rock power head test kits let it cycle
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Is the tank already setup with freshwater? If not, find a different setup. If it is:

1. get rid of fish, shrimp, plants, etc
2. drain tank
3. throw away decorations, grave, fake plants, etc.
4. take tank outside and rinse well with water, scrubbing the insides
5. rinse all equipment
6. let everything dry
7. add sand, rocks, and saltwater
8. plug everything in and let it run for a couple weeks so it can cycle

If the tank has ever has any medications used in it, do not use it for saltwater

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Mod the filter into a fuge if you'd like. Lighting really is key, don't cheap out.
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save yourself some money and just buy the 10g for 12$ and a AC70 then get a cheap t5 4 bulb from odyssea IMO.. ~125$ setup w/ live rock.

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ya the first selection wont cut it thats for sure.
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