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Glow in the dark Worms?

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Last night I turned off the lights in my tank for an hour or so to see if my pods were coming out and before I turned the lights on I noticed about 3 dozen small green glows that are very faint. I turned the lights on but i couldn't identify what was causing the glow I saw some polychaete worms near the glow but i am unsure if it is them or not. Has anyone else had this or any bioluminescent organism?



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I don't know much about worms...I had my fair share of bristle worms in my tank. That worm was awesome, though. You don't normally hear about bioluminescent critters in tanks - flourescent yea, but not bioluminescent...lol.
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Try turning up the saturation on your tank.

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Thats very cool it can be who knows, theres something in my country, micro organism they glow when they move.

here is a picture: http://www.vieques.e...ome-bio-bay.jpg

If you rock came from the caribbean or something it can be that =p we have a lot of them in my country sad they are disappearing because of the contamination. I think the name is dinoflagellates bioluminescence.



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I think I've seen similar worms once or twice in an old tank, but I didn't know what they were.


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