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Canon xt?

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Hey, jumping back into photography. Found a used canon rebel xt for 250. Seems like a decent deal, but I've only had powershots since going digital. What do you more up to date folks think?

Sounds like it would be a decent deal if you want to get your feet wet with DSLR. That was my first camera. I have a T2i now but still use the XT for my wife's business and to do time lapse photography. Here is an example of it shooting through the front of my 29gallon bow front with just an 18-55 IS kit lens. I sold the original kit lens and bought the one with IS and it's much better. This is a frame from a time lapse that I did of my fungia at feeding time. I linked that also.

Click here for time lapse video shot with Canon Rebel XT

Still frame.
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hey look, now jeremai's going to drop in his two cents!

G10/11/12, imo. not sure the used cost, but they were around $500 new so it should be in your range. G12 has great low-light skills.

pretty sure jer was referring to the length

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