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Found 5 results

  1. Clearseal Reefspace Deluxe 900 Started 18th Feb 2021 Welcome to the build thread for my Reefspace 900. If your interested the journey actually started in my nano thread HERE. **** TANK SPECS **** Display Tank Water Volume : 245 Litres In Cabinet Sump Water Volume : 103 Litres Total System Water Volume : 348 Litres RO Reservoir Volume : 9 Litres Display Tank Dimensions: L90cm x W50m x H60cm **** EQUIPMENT **** TMC reef pump 4000 return Bubble Magus C3.5 skimmer EHEIM 300 watt heater AI Nero 3 Jecod SOW-8 2 x AI Prime 16HD TMC v2 auto top up - (current back with TMC after a disaster) DD Jumpguard Jebao DP-4 dosing pump (currently redundant) FILTRATION: 19.5 kg of live rock - 1/2 lbs per gallon 8 kg fine sand 225 micron Red Sea filter sock (swapped ever 3 days) Seachem Matrix Carbon Mantis bio-filter block MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT: TMC refractometer TMC algae magnet DD telescopic multi tool Hanna phosphate checker Salifert nitrate, calcium, alkalinity and magnesium test kits TDS meter Reef Zlements Z-PhosPlus **** INHABITANTS **** FISH: Dusky Wrasse (Halichoeres annularis) Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas) Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus) Pajama Cardinal (Sphaeramia nematoptera) Royal Gramma Yellow Coral Goby (Gobiodon okinawae) 5 x Green Chromis (Chromis viridis) INVERTS / CUC: Banded Trochus Snails Cerith Snails Turbo Snails Astrea Snails Nassarius Snail Peppermint Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Halloween Hermit Dwarf Zebra Hermits Orange Lip Conch Snail Green bubble tip anemone Sand Sifting Sea Star (Astropecten polycanthus) CORAL: SPS: Montipora Delicatula Acropora Austera LPS: Hammer (Euphyllia ancora) Duncan's (Duncanopsammia axifuga) Torch (Euphyllia glabrescens) Orange Yellow Speckled Leptastrea (Leptastrea sp) War Coral (Favites pentagona) SOFTIES: Zoas - Radio Active, Blue Hornets, Rastas, Bullseye, Kryptonite, Alien invasion, Red People Eater, Green Implosion Mushrooms - Ricordea Yuma Red, Rhodactis Mussoides, Florida Ricordea, Blue Actinodiscus Green Star Polyps Kenya Tree Coral Toadstool Leather Coral Cauliflower, Orange (Sarcophyton) Coral I like to keep a track of the tank, progress and additions so regularly keep this thread updated. Feel free to comment or tell me I'm doing it wrong.... I am known for the odd direction change from time to time! This tank has been initially stocked with rock and inhabitants from my nano 15g which was around 8 months old, which is now dry.
  2. NaturallyKait

    Kait’s Kiddo Lagoon

    FTS as of 06/10/19: Equipment: Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5 Stand: Mastercraft tool cabinet Light: Kessil a80 Return pump: Tunze Silence 1073.008 Circulation: Wavemaker TBD, Heater: Eheim Jager 50w Temperature controller: inkbird 308 Filtration: Chamber one: inTank chamber one media basket with filter floss, stock carbon and media for now. Chamber two: just the heater. Chamber three: return pump and temp probe. Stocking plans: Fish: YCG added June 8/19 Clownfish added July 16/19 (was a pair, but they had marital differences and had to be separated) Royal Gramma added November 4/19 Inverts: 1 astrea snail 2 turbo snails 1 bumblebee snail 3 hermit crabs RIP emerald crab - died Oct/19 while I was in the hospital Corals: Planning softies with maybe a few LPS. Nothing too demanding, keeping it simple since this is my first saltwater tank and I don’t want to get too complicated for a tank that belongs to a preschooler. —— Well, I've wanted to set up a reef tank for years, but life kept getting in the way. I had bought some stuff to start a 40B a few years ago but that project got derailed when I got pregnant with my oldest. Fast forward almost 4 years and the aforementioned derailment is now an almost 4 year old who absolutely loves fish (and so do his little brothers). The one bright point of all the time he and his siblings spend at hospitals is always checking out the fish tanks they have for some time to de-stress. So this little guy is getting a 13.5g evo for his birthday for he and I to enjoy together. His is birthday is the first week of June, our current goal is to have it cycled and ready for his first fish on his birthday. I have the tank sitting waiting, refractometer arrived just now and the stand should be here today too before the holiday. Going to be sticking with the stock lights and such at least for now, since we’re not looking to get into anything too complicated for a tank for a 4 year old, we’ll be sticking to softies and maybe some LPS. I’ll probably end up at least adding a power head sometime soon, but for cycling we’ll be ok with the stock return pump. I have to check my gear in the basement, I had a heater that was supposed to be for a QT tank that might work for this tank, if not I still need to grab one, along with some salt, distilled water (we don’t have the space in our little rental for a RODI unit right now so we’re starting with distilled), test kit and some rock from the LFS. They only carry the Caribsea Life Rock so we’ll see how that works out for us. Hoping to get the tank wet this weekend to start cycling. Stocking plans are up in the air mostly except for a clownfish, or maybe a pair. This is a tank (mostly) for a child after all, so it wouldn’t be complete without a clown.
  3. Starting up a Waterbox 10 we got each other as a bedside tank. Not much to look at yet, just rock & water, but Jan. 1 is a great time to start a new adventure! HARDWARE Light : AI Prime HD Stock pump replaced with Cobalt MJ Mini 606 Cobalt Neotherm 75 w heater Hydor Koralia 240 gph powerhead InTank 2nd chamber media basket Tropic Eden Aragavive Live Reef Flakes IM screen top LIVESTOCK Hi Fin Red Banded Goby paired with A. Randall pistol shrimp Yellow Clown Goby 2 Sexy Shrimp CORALS Alien eye zoas Generic green zoas Small branching gsp
  4. Hey all - I've been scouring the internet to try to find an ID on this worm and an answer as to what could be wrong with my YCG's tail fin. As of yesterday, the YCG's fin was perfectly fine, but when I came in this am there seemed to be some damage. The Zoa polyps I have in the tank have also been closed for most of the day and have been open and happy since I added them to the tank last week. I spotted this worm (?!?) prior to the lights coming on and need an ID so I can properly treat the fish/take steps to remove it from the tank.
  5. anniebanana267

    Will my yellow clown goby eat this?

    Hi, I have these pellets and I’m wondering if my yellow clown goby will eat these? I know she’s a carnivore and she should have a diet primarily of frozen mysis shrimp, etc but I see that there’s a lot of natural fish as the main ingredients and shrimp also, so I’m wondering if I have to go out and buy the mysis shrimp or would these be fine. Thanks.
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