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Found 8 results

  1. Pooky85

    Fuzzy worm

    Turned on the light this morning and saw this it was out the rock about an inch. Anybody know what this is and if I should get it out? Thank you in advance!!
  2. Found this worm under a flat rock tonight on the sand. No tube, was just laying on side of rock when I picked it up. It moved very eel like and much different from what I'm used to with bristleworms. Hard to see in the pictures but it had large protrusions/antennae coming out of it's head. For scale: On blue lid for the rest of the pictures: Crawling up side of lid- Belly up- Top body area- Tail - Close up of head- Any idea what it is?
  3. BLACKBear7777

    Fast worms in tank

    hey guys. A few days ago when feeding my candy cane coral and small worm, least I think it was a worm I didn’t get a good look because it was so fast, stold a piece of food off the coral and disappeared back into a hole. It was very fast. Faster than I’ve seen a bristle worm move. I Fw dipped the rock and the coral because I was afraid of bobbits. I saw many bristle worms and pods come out of the rock dead. I didn’t see whatever ate the food assuming it was a worm. I have previously seen small white worms try to take pellets from the coral but they didn’t move that fast when I watched. Should I be worried about bobbits? I have had the rock for 7+ years. I just changed my tabk to a biocube 32 Gal led. Didn’t add any more rock and only recent addition was the candy cane, a drag with two heads cut directly from the mother coral not on a coral plug. Should I be scared of bobbits? Rock and Cora is below. Coral total size is about the diameter of a quarter. Rock is maybe baseball size
  4. Hello there! Long time lurker and first time posting, I found these two long white worms in my tank and was wondering if they're harmful or harmless. They're about 5/6 inches long and after looking through the ID threads I couldn't figure out what these were. some tank details, 10 gallon has been up for about a month and a half now, last new additions were fish two weeks ago, and I used mostly dry rock with a piece of lr from the lfs to start it up Thank you!
  5. These little anemone looking things with white dots at the center and little fingers around it popped up all over my new live rock on the coralline algae. Anyone got an id? I can’t find anything online.
  6. These little anemone looking things with white dots at the center and little fingers around it popped up all over my new live rock on the coralline algae. Anyone got an id? I can’t find anything online.
  7. Saw this thing in my tank today, does anyone know what it is and should I be concerned...... also found a couple of aptasias on my sand bed😵🤬
  8. I got back into the hobby after being out for a couple years, and god this tank has been a shit show. Originally had it in a different 12g long rimless tank that leaked after all my work into making it look seamless and getting it stocked, so I did an emergency move to an extra rimless one and I'm feeling uninspired and beat. It's overrun by algae, coral is always pissy, and the fish I buy just constantly dissapear. I've never had this much trouble with a nano in my life. Plus there's creepy worms. I've been doing water changes every week and a half with distilled gallons of water and H2)cean pro formula salt. RIP: panda goby, yellow goby, green striped goby, red striped goby, ruby dragonet RIP: my wallet specs: It's a 9 gal or something aquatop rimless current usa orbit light aquaclear 10g w a sponge and carbon hydor nano 425 some random heater water quality: salinity .027 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ph (always been low idk why, I've even tried using a buffer) 8 kh 80 gh 180 ammonia 0 phosphate 0 I dont know what the problem is, more flow needed, the light is too much? It's about 20 feet away from a window letting in weak Portland light. I definitely don't over feed. Some zoas are getting overwhelmed by algae, the hammer coral is never really open, and the palys are so confused. The only thing that looks healthy are mushies of course and my death proof sexy shrimp The worms I found can swim freely through the water in this weird squiggling ripple motion, and are totally terrifying and squirmy, parasitic? SOS Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I don't get eaten alive for forgetting how to post of forums properly, much less use aquarium slang
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