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Found 15 results

  1. jessicvmtz

    Wavemaker Placement

    Hi I'm new to the saltwater hobby (coming from 4 years in freshwater experience) and I need help with the placement of my wavemaker. I'm planning on getting corals in the next few months and I want to ensure they have the best environment I can provide. So far I've made my own reefscape with dry rock and now I'm wondering what kind of powerhead I should be using and where to position it? I have a 20 gallon tall aquarium and only has a clownfish and blue legged crab. My main concern is where to place my wavemaker and whether or not I may need two.
  2. Lovecoral

    Best wave maker for nano

    What is the best circulation pump / wave maker for the fluval evo 13.5g? I tried the CP1 from fluval and it’s blowing sand everywhere seemed to calm down when in raised the direction a bit and time passed but it’s grindy and noisy and I think maybe too powerful? The corals seem very happy but I don’t want it kicking up dust all the time
  3. chris_pull

    Help with flow...

    Hi all, I have searched around online but I'm massively overthinking the flow in my tank and can't seem to stop tweaking my wave maker in search of "optimum flow". Can anyone please help put my mind at ease?! I have an 80L (20g) aquarium that's about twice as long as it is tall. I have two rock formations with a "valley" in the middle. The rocks are placed up to the middle of the aquarium and there's plenty of space on all sides of them for water to circulate. In the larger rock pile, there's also a "tunnel" in the middle. I have a large canister filter (rated for an aquarium 5 times this size) with pretty good flow from the outlet in the right corner of the tank – manufacturers guidance says this produces 1100 l/h (250 g/h) of flow, but obviously take that with a pinch of salt. I also have a random flow nozzle on the outlet. On the left, I have an SW-2 jebao wave maker (the least powerful version). Both of these flow generators are in the back corners of the tank, pointing slightly at the surface and into the centre. Where these flow streams hit, they collide and push water down and left and right, so that it circulates back round to the top corners to be pushed out again. I am fairly happy with the "patten" of flow (two "circles" that flow around the two rock piles, essentially) but I can't decided on (1) the strength I should set the wave maker at and (2) what flow mode to use. Initially, I didn't think much about the flow and it was probably too strong, but since I've started adding corals, I can now visually see the effects of the flow in the movement of the corals. My question essential boils down to whether I should optimise flow for the corals or for the fish. I have two clowns, a yellow clown goby and a royal gramma. The clowns have decided to host the sand in the right backhand corner of the aquaria, which is great because I never see them. The clown gobby is a fairly new addition and sort of darts around but mostly hangs out near the clowns. The royal gramma has a cave that it hides in most of the time, also near the clowns. The result is essentially an empty looking tank with all the fish movement concentrated in the far right hand side of the tank. At first I put this down to fish being weird but I noticed when all the flow is off for feeding, the fish happily swim around the tank, including the gramma that is normally hidden. This has led me to question if my flow is too strong and so the fish are being restricted to the side of the tank with the least movement. It might also not be a coincidence that the fish are at the opposite end of the wave maker, which is undoubtedly more powerful than the canister outlet. On the other hand, I can't tell if I have enough flow for the corals. When I look at people's videos online, their corals are blowing around like crazy, whereas mine sort of gently move about, unless I really max the flow. Is coral movement a good indicator of flow? I believe I have good circulation, in that food moves all around the aquarium and I don't think there's any build up of detritus, but does good flow mean by corals should be swaying around loads? I've been fiddling around with the short pulse mode, constant mode, surge mode, and the strength of flow on the Wavemaker (it can do 500-2000 L/H) and can't really decide if one is better than the other. What I want is to ensure is that the corals move around enough in the water and that the fish aren't all piled up at one end of the tank. When I look on other threads people tend to joke that as long as the fish aren't flat against the glass, crank the flow up. But surely you want your fish to be able to swim happily around the tank? Having said that, I know the fish I have are not open water swimmers, and, if in the wild they would also generally stick to the rocks and have to "fight" the currents, then that's fine. It's just a shame that there's one half of the tank without any fish movement. Coral-wise, I have a mix of soft (zoas, leathers, gorgonian), lps (Duncans, goniopora) and "easy" sps (birds nest/pavona). I've only been adding corals for the last month or so and the tank is still pretty bare. Sorry for the long, rambling post. As I say, I've been massively over thinking this and just wish an expert could come and adjust it for me haha! Any advice would be most welcome! Chris
  4. elimohrland@gmail.com

    Nano reef lighting and wavemaker

    Hi guys first post here and my first reef tank is in the mail. I had some hardware questions and I was hoping I could get some ideas here. I ordered the waterbox 20 and was hoping to start with clowns and soft corals but I would like to purchase lighting capable of 200+ par for SPS corals at least in the top third of the tank. I also was curious if anyone had suggestions for a wavemaker for a 20 gallon cube that could provide enough flow for some harder corals and an anemone eventually. I've already committed to a very patient approach for my first attempt but ultimately I would like to be able to grow anything that will fit in my tank. I'd like to spend as little as possible obviously but I'm open to higher end products if you think they are worth the price. I appreciate anyone taking time out of their day to offer help!
  5. Ok, so my MP10 wet side magnet is warped. It's still working but continues to get louder and louder. Should I replace the wet side or get either the IM or Aqamai power head? My tank is an Nuvo 10.
  6. Had my first tank crisis on Sunday when Gwen, my BTA, went for a walk and met my wavemaker -- it looks she'll pull through. No foot damage. She untwisted herself out of the powerhead. Mouth hasn't gaped or expelled zooxanthellae. Yep, I did a large water change. BTA has moved to a couple new spots since the incident, but definitely seems to be on the road to recovery. Full story in my tank journal (link in signature). Thinking about getting a different powerhead//wavemaker. Tank is a Fluval evo - 13.5 gallons. Looking for one that can offer... - Intake safety (preferably as a standard that comes with or has manufactured foam intake covers specially designed to fit the unit) - Wave patterns - Customizable power, speed, frequency - Small in-tank footprint - Under $100 preferred, but willing to spend up to $150 if there's a "perfect" option if I must The Current USA eFlux is my front runner -- but love to hear from any anemone owners using this powerhead? Wondering if the stock foam cover is sufficient protection. Love any thoughts on the powerhead itself, as well. I currently have the Innovative Marine Wavelink Wavemaker Powerhead Desktop, 165-1500GPH. It's a pretty nice wavemaker, but it lacks safety options. - Tried covering with panty hose but lost about 90% of the power. - Tried covering with an organza bag, same result - lost too much power. - IM doesn't manufacture an intake foam cover (that I've been able to find, at least). - Current solution is I placed my wavemaker into a plastic strawberry basket (or plastic planter cup) with hose stocking over the back part of the plastic cup. It works great - maintains power strength and seems to be a great anemone safe guard. - What I'm not loving is the "airplane jet" look we've got goin' on now. Here's a shot of the powerhead only (without the cover) &&&& here's my nano airplane jet 🙂
  7. Hi, I upgraded my aquarium and I have this items. All items have shipping included. Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Classic 110 SuperSpaceSaver. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Like New $160 CAD Lights Gen3 PLS-100 Pipeless Protein Skimmer. Rated for up to 120Gallons - Normal wear $70 Aqamai KPS Wavemaker. Wifi Controllable. Adjustable flow rate: 370-1050 gph - Like New, 3 months old. $75. Willing to trade for fish and corals but only for locals. I'm in Miramar, FL. Can trade also for a Ecotech ReefLink.
  8. Hello, please let me know if you are selling an MP-10 QD IN GOOD CONDITION ONLY!!! I am in Canada
  9. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  10. My jebao RW-4 and RW-15 stopped randomly. I am tired of jebao wavemaker and searching for alternative. Then I saw that coralbox QP series and Jebao new OW series wavemaker stated they move the electronic to the controller and not the pump. That makes the pump life longer. I am still confused by their statements. Can anyone help me to clarify? I don't want to waste anymore money on their crappy pumps. I have consider maxspect gyre but my friend is complaining about sudden drop in flow rate. Icecap 3k and glamorca 3k have a lot of bad reviews on noise and impeller bushings. Jebo CP pumps seems to be stop working a lot. Tunze is simply ugly. Rossmont is AC and will probably have short lifespan with controller. Ecotech wavemakers will cost me a kidney. So my search for an inexpensive reliable wavemaker continues.
  11. Plancton

    What wavemaker for 40g?

    What wavemaker do you recommend for a 40g? I have been out of the hobby for a while and I missed track of the technology and trends, basically what I'm asking is what wavemaker pump setup would you recommend for a 40g. I'm looking for something that works great but also not so expensive.
  12. Hello, I'm selling my 2 week used jebao pp15 wave maker. Paypal fee and shipping included.
  13. hooligan_78

    White Box MP10 For Sale

    Have a white box MP10 for sale. It's about a hear and a half old. NEW wetside with less than 10 hours. Asking $100. Not looking to ship yet.
  14. Hello, I am setting up my FLUVAL SEA 13. I would like to keep some SPS, maybe 3-4 and mostly soft. but I don't want to use any wavemaker cuz id like to preserve the look and the space of the tank. need your advices please, with pictures will be helpful. Thanks!
  15. lonewonderer

    WTB wavemaker

    hello guys, I'm looking for a wavemaker for my 40 gallon reef tank. does anybody here upgrading and wanted to sell their wavemaker to a poor guy with a few budget?
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