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Found 14 results

  1. ethanhh

    100% Water Change

    Hey there, I need some advice. For the pass month my fluval evo 13.5 has had some problems. I brought it home from college in November. I have no clue what it is. My assumption is that its an algae bloom, but that means it should have gone away by now. I tried dosing MB7 and my LFS told me to take out all the reds, whites, greens and yellows from my light. I have no idea what to do next. I was thinking what if i do a 100% water change and drip acclimate all of my coral and fish back in. I wanted to reach out to everyone on this form to get a second opinion. If there’s any other recommendations I am very glad to listen. I do a water change every week and change out my carbon along with it. Please HELP.
  2. So, I'm a bit new to using copper and really could use a bit more information about waterchange procedures. I've read it's obviously best-practice to pre-treat water with copper before a waterchange, however the logistics of that would be difficult-to-impossible with my current space, means, and setups. The two QT systems are about 3 gallons each and have about 30x hourly turnover: My current procedure is to, pump off - remove 50% water-, replace with NSW, pump on then re-dose Copper power into direct-flow -within the span of 3 minutes or so-. Does this pose a significant risk towards a failed QT period? Thanks for your time!
  3. xofish

    ammonia at 0.25?

    Im having a problem in my tank. I have two clown fish a ceramic hide out for them and some sand. I usually use instant ocean, but recently switched to coralife salt because the pet store by my house ran out. After each water change (about 50, 65 %) the ammonia levels read at 0.25? I tested my water without salt and it was 0, but after I added in the salt it came up at 0.25. What should I do? Should I use another salt mix? And if so how can I know it wont be adding ammonia to my tank? Thank you.
  4. Hey guys! So my has been struggling with a really bad bubble algae outbreak along with what I think is diatom showing up on some of my rock AND some type of polyp that i'm not sure what it is but seems to be invasive. I have a few questions regarding water change volume, frequency, tips on removing diatoms, and what these polyps are that keep popping up. For the last two weeks I have been doing 10 gallon water changes 2-3 times a week on my 24 gallon tank trying to manually remove as much of this junk as I can but I want to be sure that doing so is not fluctuating my water chemistry to much. My bacteria in the tank has been doing great keeping all my parameter close to zero besides nitrate which was between 20-30ppm. Tonight I have got it down to about 6ppm and hoping phosphate is coming down because I have been using a significant less amount of GFO in my reactor, and changing it with each water change. I'm not sure it's helping or if I should just put a regular amount in and change monthly. Any ways am I safe to continue doing these large water changes multiple times a week? Also If you have any tips on removing diatoms on my life rock I'd love to hear. I'm currently using a tooth brush and syphoning what I can scrape off which isn't the greatest but has made a change over these two weeks. Finally could anyone help me identify these polyps that are showing up over my rocks and sand bed? They are very active so each time I try to remove them they shrivel back up into my rock and I can't remove them
  5. Hannahhhh

    Angry corals, what do you think?

    Just looked in my tank, and all my corals are pouting. What do you guys do when you see something like this? I did a water change with nutri seawater (first time using it) 6 or so hours ago, but my corals don’t usually get this mad at me with water changes. I included a picture of my parameter chart for a reference. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!
  6. I have had my first saltwater tank, a Biocube 32, running for two and a half weeks, and it seems like my cycle may be coming to an end. Today my ammonia was 0.0, nitrite was 0.3, nitrate was very high, at least 50, and pH was 8.2. As soon as my nitrite goes down to zero I will do a water change, and I have a few questions about how to proceed. -How extensive should the post cycle water change be? 30% or 50%? Or should it be even more? -How tolerant are clean up crew members, such as snails, hermits, and emerald crabs to moderate to high nitrates? I was planning on adding my first clean up crew this week, but I fear that even after a water change the nitrates may still be somewhat high. Do you think it will be safe to add them?
  7. Jellyingabout

    Auto Water Change - 4L Pico

    Hey all, So after 3 years without a tank i'm finally "easing" myself into it with a 4L pico set up plus a few gadgetry things. I live on the coast and the water here although a bit high in nitrates is generally very clean. I'd like to set up two large resovoirs under my pico one for fresh SW which i will drip feed into the sump. At the same rate fresh SW drips in, i'd like system water to drip out the sump into the second resovoir. But how do i match the rates without a peripump £££. Any ideas? Cheers, Aaron
  8. 805NanoReef

    Dosing and Water Change

    So eventually I am gonna start dosing once I reach a certain amount of corals.. My question is.. When dosing Alk, Cal and Mag to the correct levels.. will a water change be needed monthly? and if so do I re adjust my dosing since i have replenished what im dosing? Im new at this lol Ive read how to calculate how much to dose after testing but not sure what happens after a water change
  9. Hey so I make my own salt water using distilled water and instant ocean. I was curious.. if I do water changes weekly do I have to let the water mix with the instant ocean and my power head for 6 hours every week or is there a way to store water? Just curious, i have no problem doing it every week but wasnt sure if i can let already made water sit. Thanks in advance
  10. displayname

    Ebay Peristaltic Pumps

    I am looking to automate my WCs with a peristaltic pump. I have seen some cheap versions on ebay and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? The pump head itself is a pretty simple mechanism and although not stackable, seems like it will do the job okay. It looks like a replica Masterflex pump. I am curious about the DC motor and gearbox that comes with it. For those of you that have used them, how did they hold up? What sort of RPMs were you seeing in the head of the pump? Example
  11. Thinking of plumbing lines from the rodi/mixing station in the basement to underneath the kitchen sink on the main floor. Terminate with valves and John Guest connectors. Lines: * saltwater * freshwater * drain On water change days bring out 3 extension lines to go from sink to tank. Is this reasonable? Any better ideas? I don’t think I’ll be able to plumb lines from basement directly to tank.
  12. Spencer1399

    Water changes vs Supplementing

    So I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on this, but basically I want to hear people’s thoughts on the matter. I started a tank about a year ago and it was an epic fail, so a few months later I took it down. Now im getting ready to restart. Im looking at getting a 50 gallon tank, it’ll be a basic mixed reef nothing too fancy (1-2 SPS, 3-4 LPS, 5ish softies) If i did about a 1 gallon daily water change ((2% daily) 14% weekly) is that enough to not supplement. Also I rather change daily instead of weekly/monthly because if I miss one it’s no big deal, and it’s more consistant for the fish/corals (and partly because if I dont do it daily I’ll slack and it’ll never happen). I really rather not supplement just because it’s all so expensive and complicated. I’ll probably use Red Sea coral pro salt. But I’m open if someone thinks there’s a better one. Let me know! Thank you! -Spencer
  13. Kaden S

    Tank Revamp

    Hi all! This will be my thread for the revamp of my 26 gallon bow front reef. Long story short, I had to move the tank to a new house about 3 months ago, and ever since then it has been very neglected. It seems to be doing decent, as it is currently lightly stocked (IMO). The reason it has been neglected these past few months is that it is in a room full of other stuff, and I haven't been wanting to get all the other stuff in the room soaked. But, now as I have lived here for a while, stuff has slowly moved out of the room and I can now focus my attention to the tank. Here is what I have stocked in the tank ATM: - 2x ocellaris clowns - 1x yellow watchman goby - 1x Emerald crab - 15 or so snails of different variants - 15 or so blue leg hermit crabs - 1x Shrimp Coral: - 1x acan frag that has 2 heads, has been at a standstill for the past couple months, due to the lack of water changes I have a aquaclear 50 and a koralia nano 425 for filtration in the tank. Inside of the AC50 I have some chemipure and polyfilter pad, along with a stock sponge that came with the filter. I just ordered some more chemipure and polyfilter pads to replace the ones I am currently using. I came here for some help on what I can do that will help me out with: A: Getting these small, hard dots of algae that cover all of my glass off B: Getting rid of some bubble algae that I have attached to my acan frags plug C: Increasing the overall health and growth out of my acan What I had in mind was buying about 6 gallons of distilled water(I know, rodi is the way to go, but we don't have a spot for the rodi filter in the new house yet, and I have been topping off with distilled this whole time and highly doubt that is my problem, as I have seen many other nano reefers use it successfully) from the store tomorrow and changing out 6 gallons once a week for the 3-4 weeks and see how it progresses. Also, any recommendations on a reef salt mix to use? I am currently using the generic instant ocean and feel a reef mix will be the way to go when I run out of the mix I currently have. Any recommendations for a water change schedule and salt mix will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. lonewonderer

    Water changes

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and to this saltwater hobby. I have a 24g jbj nano cube with 1 blue damsel 4 turbo and 6 hermit crabs. It's been running for 2 weeks now and the Nitrites are high. I wanted to do water change on it to help lower the nitrites. I add seachem safe ever 24hrs. How much water change do you recommend for this 24 gallon tank? when I'm mixing salt , do i have to match the actual salinity in the tank or it needs to be within the range from the hydrometer? and does the PH matter every time i do WC? any recommendation on how to do it step by step? thank you guys!
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