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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, So I have been running my Fluval Evo 13.5 a little over a month now and I am thinking about upgrading the filtration. Currently I am using the filtration that was provided with the tank: -Sponge Media -Bio Media -Chem-pure elite (subbed it in for the activated carbon, though I did put the activated carbon in chamber 1) I am also running the Fluval protein skimmer. I've already upgraded the pump to the Eheim Compact 1000 and put two 1/4 RFGs to replace the two flat nozzles that come with the tank. Essentially what I am asking is, any suggestions on upgrading the filtration? I did purchase a replacement media basket for chamber 2 that will open up my options for different media. I know filter floss is good to go with...any other suggestions on what's been working and what hasn't? TIA
  2. RedPhotog

    Hunter's Waterbox 40.2

    I finally got my Waterbox delivered yesterday, and I will soon be starting the process of moving the livestock from my 12g HOB system, into this glorious Waterbox 40.2 gallon AIO. I have only had HOB style tanks, and this aquarium will be the biggest system I've owned or maintained. I wanted to go bigger, like 50g-75g with a sump, but felt like I needed to take baby steps with reefing, get to know how pumps and chambers work, and all of the stuff I never had to worry about with HOBs. The biggest reason I got the 40.2 from Waterbox is to minimize as much stress to my livestock as possible. I don't want to have another cycle and risk anything changing. I want to get out of my 12g and into the 40.2 as quickly as possible. Things are doing really well, I am seeing great growth and color, and I just want to give the reef a more space and quality in equipment. I can already tell this Waterbox aquarium is going to be a complete 180 from what I am use to, and it will tremendously improve the quality of life for my livestock! The tank arrived in a wooden box tied to a wooden crate by freight. The driver was super cool and brought the items inside my garage without me even saying a word. By far the best packing job I have ever seen from a company selling glass to customers. They really did a stellar job assuring me this tank was packed responsibly. I mean, if you need a drill to open the box your aquarium comes in, chances are its gonna be ok right?! : ) The tank has been running water overnight for a leak test. When I left for work this morning, everything looked perfect. I will post more pics of the tank outside of the packaging tonight. And I will create a list of the equipment I am running now and what I plan to upgrade to. I am relatively new to the forums. I don't post often or get much attention from anything. This thread is to keep a diary of my new tank for myself, as well as to provide any info for anyone interested in upgrading an existing tank to a bigger one, or who is interested in the Waterbox AIOs. I will do my best to provide all of the specs of both of my tanks, along with pictures and updates , of the steps I take to move my livestock into their new glass world. I am very excited to share this experience with fellow reefers. It had been about 8 months of solid researching before I made this purchase with Waterbox, and now it's time for me to play! Stay tuned!
  3. I decided to finally purchase a bigger tank and pulled the trigger on a white Red Sea reefer 170 this morning. I decided to get it from saltwateraquarium.com since you can select a freebie. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to transfer everything out of my evo to the new tank. I still need to purchase skimmer, return pump, heater, sand, and rock. Can anyone tell me what’s the best way to transfer my sand and rock to the new tank? I want to make sure everything is done correctly so I don’t kill anything and want to start planning already
  4. Hello all, As I discussed on my last post on the thread for my fluvial eve 13.5 the time has come for me to upgrade to a larger tank and I have purchased myself a Red Sea Reefer 170 which I collected from my local fish shop yesterday, so this thread will follow the setting up of this tank, the transfer of fish, corals and live rock and future development of the tank. I decided to upgrade / replace a lot of the kit I have so will be using the following Tank - Red Sea Reefer 170 Light - Red Sea Reef LED 90 (part of the deluxe package with the tank and light mount) ATO - will try with the Red Sea one in the box and see how it goes return pump - TMC reef pump 6000 - overspec'd so I can add reactors in the future if I feel the need wave pumps - 2 x TMC reef tide 6000 dosing pump - D-D H2Ocean P4 a heater... can't remember which one off the top of my head and yet to by purchased skimmer which will be a reef octopus 110-s As my living room currently looks like a fish shop I am hoping to get this set up sooner rather than later so we can get the house back to looking nice, and as the new tank is going to go in the same place as my current tank I'm going to need to do the transfer in one day but I have a few things to do before then. Firstly I am planning on adding a baffle in the sump splitting the skimmer section in half to give myself a refugium section so I have ordered myself some 5mm acrylic sheet to do that with, it won't be all that big but should help with nutrient export and also as a home for some pod's as one of the little dragonet's is on my dream fish list so I was to see if I can maintain a pod population. The tank is going to be bare bottom with something similar to my current scape on one side on the tank, and I want to get some more rocks for the other side of the scape ideally something much taller to help fill more of the tank's height to allow somewhere for me to try some more SPS. The plan is to get the stand built tomorrow evening, pick up the skimmer, rocks and all the salt water I need on Saturday as well as a big plastic box to hold my current livestock, rocks and life-support during the move. This will allow me to get the tank set up and full on Sunday. Things like the dosing pump will be added later once things are are set up properly. If anyone has any advice for me please let me know, or if not please just follow along for the journey.
  5. I want to upgrade the pump on my tank. It's slow and gets clogged up easily. I've seen a bunch of builds here with different pumps. If you upgraded: to what pump and how has it been so far? What about lights? I've seen people rave about AI Prime and even Kessil, and some use Current USA (with lukewarm reviews)
  6. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time, but am getting back into marine tanks after being tankless for many years after a move. I have an old JBJ Nano Cube DX, 12 gallon. It was retired, but I recently set it back up for a little mantis shrimp (who will likely be moving to a Fluval Spec V soon). The tank looks really nice, but I now remember why I retired it. The fans are VERY LOUD, and it runs hot without them. I'm looking to do one of two things: 1. Upgrade the lighting to LED in the existing top (retrofit), or 2. Remove the top altogether, find/make a cover (ideas or links to after market suppliers?) and put an LED strip light or gooseneck on top. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'm looking to keep a lagoon type environment with zoanthids and soft corals, 1-2 smallish, hardy anemones (e.g., Florida flower anemone), small inverts/cleaners, may a couple tiny fish. I am NOT looking to have an SPS tank. I'm an experienced marine aquarium keeper, so I do understand stocking limits and won't be overstocking this tank. But I hate the lighting and the noise is driving me nuts. The canopy is ugly and dated too, IMO. I know this is the DIY forum, but I'd welcome suggestions for plug and play retrofit lighting for the hood OR a new top that I'll add an LED to. I have emailed Steve's LEDs, as they had an LED lighting upgrade for this system years ago, but don't list it now. All that said, I'm open to suggestions, so if there is a great build thread that is more FOWLR or LPS/Zoa tank, please post links. How I got back into the hobby: I have not had a marine tank since I moved in 2011 and sold or gave away almost all my tanks and livestock. Including 210. 44 pent, 55, several smaller tanks... I only kept a 29, 90, and the 12 gallon nano cube. I've been tankless since, about 7.5 years. I work at a mail order biological supply house (for educators). Our Florida Keys collector sent samples of live urchins for Biosmounts (museum quality preserved materials in a case) along with other living materials that department ordered. They couldn't use the two urchins, didn't want to just let them die, and came to me. I set up a tank for them in my office. Not long after, I sent our collector in the Florida Keys a request for THREE items for photography - yellow ball sponge, flower anemone, a mantis shrimp. He sent me a whole fish box of marine organisms, including five ball sponges and TWO mantis shrimp. I've had them set up in temporary tanks as I've found them homes locally. Some I'm keeping are in the simple 10 gallon setup in my office. But now I've got the bug again. 🙂 And would like to bring the 12 gallon Nano Cube (after upgrade) to work. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  7. Hey everyone, so the inevitable happened and we found a 25g tank with stand that was low enough for me to be able to perform tasks without extra stools and ladders (I’m pretty short, and we had the tank on one of our highest countertops.) Our current tank is 13.5 gallons. I’m not sure how fast or slow I should be transfering livestock over once I have the tank in the right spot, cords contained & ensured everything is how I want it before livestock. We will not be adding any additional licestock at this time to try to minimize the risk. Currently livestock: -two clown fish -cleaner shrimp -6 crabs (hermit and regular) -6 snails - 1 ricordea rock - a montipora cap - one acapora - one stag - one torch - one xenia - 6 zoa mini colonies of different colors. Some Fragged I want to use the live rock that is currently in the 13.5 tank plus more as necessary (which will probably go in the refugium). I bought new sand to use as well. Any suggestions on how to best approach this? I am also thinking maybe going sandless but not sure. I like the look of the sand much more then the glass bottom.
  8. HI all, Getting back into the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. Want to grow some entry level sps (birds nest and montis) and as expected I've been told stock bio cube 32 lights won't be sufficient. Need to keep the hood on the tank due to the chance of some of my fish jumping out. I've been directed to Steve's LEDs but they are way out of my price range. I need to be under $200. Help me nano reefers your my only hope.
  9. Hey everybody! So I'm in the planning stages of upgrading My 17g nano aqua japan nano cube and could really use some feed back. Im planning on purchasing a Nuvo 30L because I love the way it looks and it will fit perfect on top of my dresser. Also my Allardi clown is getting bigger and i would love the extra water volume to add a another fish maybe as well as have a little more room for coral growing out. So my main question is how do I go about actually doing the upgrade?? Should I start fresh and run both tanks while cycling the new one and move everything over once the new tank is cycled? or will it be ok if I just move everything to the new tank right away. Thanks for the help guys
  10. I started a Biocube 29g in March and almost as soon as I had it setup I wanted something a little bigger. We've all been there I decided that a 40 breeder would be a good size in an apartment, and got to work getting the pieces together. I've gotten everything ready now except the tank itself ! Weighing a few final local options. I'm not in a rush so I want to do things right. I started cycling some old live rock that had been sitting dry in the heat for 6+ months. I placed it in a tub with 1.025 saltwater, a cobalt accutherm 250w, and maxijet 400. Dosed to ~10ppm ammonia (Trying it high again after my first tank cycle went so well). I probably should have washed the rock off but I'll do a 100% water transfer before putting it into the tank later on. Currently it has been cycling for 2 weeks. I tested a very small nitrite presence 2 days ago and did a 30% water change with 5g from my Biocube. Nitrites are now at .75 and rising. Once the ammonia is completely processed I'll do the 100% and redose a small amount until I have the tank I want. edit: tested this morning 10/08/17: What do the nitrates look like? I am partially colorblind and the purples are hard for me.
  11. Menidia

    Moving up

    A few years ago I started here and got lots of great information on my 20 gallon fish only, which I greatly appreciate! I did something very stupid about 6 months ago when I failed to quarantine a new banggai cardinal and my 4 year old clownfish died of amlyoodinium. I felt and still feel very bad about that. I kind of lost interest for a while but still took care of the cardinal who pulled through and has tripled in size. Anyways I decided to upgrade to a 75 gallon, though I have a few questions: If I move the existing live rock, sand (also started running an AquaClear with some ceramic media again a few months ago, move that too) will the tank be "cycled enough" to move the banggai over immediately? I'm using dry base rock. Is a 75 gallon big enough for a coral beauty angelfish or a flame angelfish? I've been looking around and have seen some yes's and no's, but not much explanation. I have no corals in this tank so nipping won't be an issue. My ideal stock would be a pair of ocellaris clowns, my banggai cardinal, a dwarf angelfish, and maybe two or so more fish under 4". Any suggestions? Just needs to be cleaner shrimp friendly. Thank you for any advice!
  12. Foxface2

    Tank swap

    I have a 29 gallon weekly water changes I have an 80 gallon with 15 gallon sump also would I still do weekly water changes of 25% if i switch tanks given the water volume change I have 3 1" fish seems I could add a couple fish and still do at least bi weekly changes
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