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Found 20 results

  1. Starting out with a dry, cheap 5.5g glass box. I’m trying to stay very cheap on this build using mostly what I have laying around. One of my favorite condiments happens to be whataburger ketchup. Fresh delivered today since I was out or this would have been posted earlier 😅
  2. Hey all! I'd like to start a discussion with those of you who have had success or NO success using a freshwater set-up for a nano tank. This is a controversial topic, for sure, but I want to build a sparse, Japanese inspired tank that has no visible equipment with macros, gorgonians, a few softies, and maybe an LPS or two. I have a build thread on R2R which I will probably also transfer here since I think the audience is more appropriate: R2R build thread But, my plan is: UNS 90L 21 g ONF Flat One Blue/White 36" light UNS 90U wooden stand OASE Biomaster 600 or 850 Thermo canister (heater and prefilter integrated into the unit) (600 model = 350GPH max flow | 800 model = 400gph max flow) Algae reactor (if needed - plumbed inline after the canister) Dosing pump for ATO Lily pipes for inflow and outflow w/ surface skimmer Acrylic U-pipes for ATO I'd like to do this without a powerhead if possible Here's what I'm interested in discussing: 1. Your stories of success or failure 2. Pros and cons of the set up 3. Things I can do to optimize it. Specific canister size question: 1. I believe getting an oversized canister is the best bet, and I've been told I need to go with at least the Oase biomaster 600, but I'm wondering if going all the way up to the 850 would help with flow, filtration, and add 10% extra water? Since I want to do this without power heads if possible, would 400GPH from the 850 work with lily pipes? Would it be enough flow? It is not a DC pump so you add valves to adjust.
  3. Update: Decided to make this thread a general macroalgae tank thread instead of creating new ones for my various macroalgae projects. I may start posting updates on my contest macroalgae tank in here as well once voting is done on that contest. *** So I started a macroalge tank as my contest entry for the current 365 Day AIO Challenge (check it out here), and got totally sucked into the world of macroalgae. Thought I'd create a build thread for my UNS 60S (1 of 3 macroalgae tanks I have right now). This tank was largely inspired by freshwater valley/snaking river scapes. Latest FTS from last night. Started this tank on 7/15/20. Latest addition - this grape caulerpa. Red grape macroalgae, dictyota in the background, and purple ribbon gorg. Valley of branching coralline algae. Equipment Deets: Aquarium: UNS 60 (10 gallons) - 23.6" x 14.2" x 7.1" Light: Twinstar II 600S Backlight: Smiful Water-Proof LED strip Filter: XP Aqua Internal Filter Box running InTank Filter Floss Heater: Cobalt Neo Therm 75W My other two macroalgae set-ups - UNS 45A (my contest entry) and a UNS 16C (with basically just halimeda and a 1-rock scape). Thanks for stopping by!
  4. cheesesteak

    Cheesesteak's 4G Pico

    Hi all! Its been about 7 years since I kept a reef, but I decided to jump back into it after months of research during quarantine. I originally planned on a Waterbox 20, but ultimately decided on something smaller until I have a house and things are permanent. Tank: Enter the UNS 25C (9.84 in^3)! I had ADA tanks back in the day, and I can say that UNS craftsmanship definitely competes. The glass may be a little a greener, but the 45 degree edges and expert silicone work are top notch. I'm really impressed. Livestock: My plan is for this to be a simple zoa and paly heavy pico. I also really liked xenia and cloves back in my old tanks. I may also dabble in some of the less demanding SPS like birdsnest or monti caps. I've also always wanted to keep sexy shrimp, I think they're so goofy. And maybe a goby as well. Lighting: Fluval Marine Nano. Filtration: I have a small Azoo 150 I'll run with Purigen until everything is well established. (I may or may not actually run this...) Flow: hygger Mini for its small form factor. Jebao SLW-10 because it won't blast away my stuff. Things I still need to get: Sand Live Rock Heater Lid ATO Glass scraper Test kit Refractometer Some sort of coral dip Spare heater and pump for SW mixing Empty FTS 7-7-2020
  5. jbb


    I'm only playing along so @Ratvan doesn't win. Tank : UNS 3n Lighting : TBD Heat : Archaea (25W) ultra slim Flow : Cobalt mini-jet 404 Entry FTS : 2/1/20
  6. Tigahboy

    FTS 9-20-20

    Current shot of my newest macroalgae project. Finally got around to starting a build thread on this tank as well: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/415363-tigahboys-uns-60s-macroalgae-project/.
  7. dnadrifter

    DNA's 7g UNS 30A

    May 30, 2020 Brand new to the saltwater hobby, although I have almost started 2 or 3 times. Seems like every 1.5 yrs, I get the itch. I kinda got tired of thinking about it, so I just decided to start and see if I like it. Ultum Nature Systems (UNS) All in One, 7 gallon Lomini Pixie 30 Marine Light Eheim Jäger Heater - 50W Cobalt Mini MJ 606 return pump Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 Powerhead Caribsea Special Grade Sand Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Seachem Carbon Marinepure Gems I was surprised to see that the 4g and 7g Waterbox tanks are not longer available. I considered the Lifegard, but wanted something a little bigger than 4g and didn’t need a peninsula. The most reputable LFS close to me had UNS AIOs that I had never heard of, but seemed to be a quality tank. They had them for a good price relative to online, so I took the plunge. Got the tank wet for the first time today. Below are the first couple of shots. I took quite a few shots along the way, including making the rock work, so I may update as time allows. I am a little disappointed in the rock work though. I went back and forth between more or less rock and decided to go more minimal, but did a poor job estimating the height I believe as I was surprised at how short the structure is relative to the height. So now I need to decide if I want to 1) leave it, 2) add a rock on top, 3) start completely over which I don’t want to do because I spent time gluing, drilling, putting a rod in, etc. Just the first in a long list of mistakes I am sure. March 30, 2020; 4:30pm March 30, 2020; 8pm April 7, 2020 May 14, 2020 May 16, 2020 May 30, 2020
  8. Tigahboy

    FTS 8-14-20

  9. Tigahboy

    FTS 7-19-20 (new tank)

    Just recently set-up this UNS 60S. Was going for a valley scape.
  10. Hello everyone, Was hoping everyone could provide me with some tips and suggestions on a new 10 gallon build I want to do. Right now here is my plan: Tank: UNS 60S shallow aquarium (24x14x7) Light: Kessil A80 Rock: Stax and marco rock Heres where I need help. I’m stuck between filtration options. I would like to build a sump, but have never owned a tank with one, and don’t even know where to begin with overflows/drilling/plumbing let alone building the sump itself. Other things I am considering is using a canister filter and cleaning it often, or just an AC. I just love the clean look of this tank, and would like to be able to keep the filtration, heater and ato out of the view area if possible. Would like to keep the tank as close to looking “empty” looking as possible. I also would like a solution that won’t kill my wallet, however I know this hobby and am expecting it to at least get a beating. My stocking plan: bit of LPS/Softies 1 fish (either Azure Damsel OR a pygmy angel) 1 blood red fire shrimp I am attaching a picture of what the tank looks like, and the second picture is the aqua scape I want to follow. I basically want a shallow lagoon look, with lots of open sand areas. Essentially what I am asking is what would you guys do with this tank? How would you filter it? Any suggestions will be appreciated and the more detailed the better! thanks in advance!!
  11. Aquarium specs: Tank: UNS 3N (2.9 gal) Light: Nano-box reef Tide Filter: Azoo mignon 150 with surface skimmer attachment Heater: Marina Compact Heater Auto-top off: XPAqua Circulation: Hydor Pico evo-mag 180 Rock: Rubble from my RSR Nano, "shapes" rock Sand: Sand from RSR nano, pulse a small amount of dry special grade Dosing (weekly): 2ml Tropic Marin "All-For-Reef" 1ml Acropower 3 drops of Vibrant Inhabitants: Fish: Snow Onyx Clownfish Inverts: Red Mithrax crab Pom Pom Crab Rainbow Bubble-tip Anemone Mini-maxi carpet Anemone(s) Rock Flower Anemone(s) Various snails Various hermits Coral: Birdsnest Katopora Green acropora Orange setosa Red pocillopora Orange leptastrea Green Duncan x2 Dragon soul favia Zoanthids (random) Purple frilly gorgonian Blastomusa merletti Red Iridescent mushroom Orange Jawbreaker mushroom Assorted favia Assorted Chalice 9/21/19 8/22/19 4/25/19 4/20/19 4/17/19
  12. Joevember

    Joe's Boneless Pico Reef

    8/2/19 7/16/19 6/12/19 5/8/19 Hello NR! I’m excited to be joining the old school pico reef contest. My plan for the tank is a ‘boneless’ setup… so all (or mostly) soft corals and nems. On top of this, the tank will be set up at my high school, Whitney Young, as a part of my club, Eco Club, which focuses on animal stewardship and environmental education. I will be the one managing all maintenance on the tank. My main goal for this project is to teach other students about coral reefs/marine habitats and for them to be able to become active in their protection and conservation. Since I’ll keep it at school I won’t be there to take care of it every day, so I’ll try to make it as bulletproof as possible (why it'll be boneless). Let’s get down to the setup list: The tank I’m using is a UNS 3N, very seamless, clean look. Aquaclear 50 power filter. I’ll get into the filtration below. Kessil A160, supplied by the club. Kessil Spectral Controller, supplied by the club. Aqueon 50W heater. ACKE horticulture/refugium light. JBJ ATO, cheap and ugly... I'd like a Smart ATO micro in the future because the JBJ is reeaally bulky. Now we’re getting into filtration: The filtration is going to be mostly biological. I converted the AC50 into a refugium by putting the light on the back and taping the sides to keep the light in. I’ll be putting chaeto in there along with 3 marine pure spheres- I considered caulerpa but the possibility of it going sexual and nuking the tank outweighs the pros. The other biological filtration will be from the sandbed and live rock. I have a small bag in with a tbsp of carbon and a few pinches of GFO as well. I have a strip of filter floss next to the intake in the filter for mechanical filtration. Jumping into the aquascape plan: I wanted to give this its own category since I planned so much about it. Just to give you an idea of how long I spent on it, it took me over 10 minutes to wash the epoxy and super glue off my hands after I finished it. I designed an arch to be able to let a few corals grow up the sides of it while leaving enough room on the sandbed for other corals. I’ll try to find some tall corals like leathers, kenya tree, xenia, or photosynthetic goniopora to put on the back of the arch to give it more depth. I’ll get cloves, GSP, zoas, mushrooms, and some other softies to grow over everything and make colorful. It's mostly zoas though. Then on the sandbed I’ll keep RFAs to put some more colors in there. Moving onto the stocking list: So the only real things that I will stock in the tank will be a clean up crew and a few crabs. Right now I have a purple porcelain crab, a halloween hermit, two trochus snails, and a few hitchhiker stomatellas. That about does it, I’ll try to pump out as many updates as I can for you all.
  13. I don't have a cool pic yet so here is one that I stole from Spectra
  14. Any thoughts, comments, concerns? My long term goal for this tank is to have it be full of BTA and house 2 clownfish
  15. HippieSquirrel

    UNS 3n

    I recently found myself with an empty 3 gallon rimless which was previously home to my last Betta: Ivan (the terrible - I decided he was Russian at some point). I’ll try to find a picture of him in his glory days, he made it 4 years in my care so somewhere between 4-5 years old.. should’ve been longer but he went blind in both eyes and got a tumor of some sort. When he started getting sick I downsized him so he could reach the surface to breath easier. Anywho. I decided I don’t want another Betta, and since my new addiction is reefing I’ve decided to try my hand at a simple ‘low tech’ softy/zoa garden/RFA/invert/goby tank. Equipment: AC 50 + surface skimmer attachment neotherm 25w DIY gravity top off - I’m gonna do a bit of playing with a drip system to counteract evaporation 12w 38par led bulb w/ desk lamp Current livestock: porcelain anemone crab RFA x3 Xenia swimming crab pedersons cleaner shrimp x2 Red neon eviota goby 4-5 tiny hermits Current corals: Many zoas/palys - I’ll add a list of species/morphs Xenia Work starts this weekend! First FTS:
  16. Full Tank Shot 12/8/2017 Equipment: Ultum Nature Systems 25c (13 Liters) Vortech mp10es, QD controller upgrade - set @ 2 Archaea 25w Heater Autoaqua Smart ATO micro ABI Tuna Blue 12w - 30cm over tank Red Sea Coral Pro Salt Livestock: "Real" Reef Rock ~3 lbs Aquilonastra sp. micro starfish Stylophora sp. - Show Tank Stylo (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Seriatopora sp. -ASD Nuclear Birdsnest (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Pocillopora damicornis -Rainbow Pocci (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Leptoseris sp. -Jack-o-Lantern (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Acropora sp. -Del Feugo (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Ruby Juggernaut (AquaSD) 12/6/17 12/7/17 -Fire Salamander (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Mr. Miyagi (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Nuc Nuc (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Unknown Acro (AquaSD) 12/6/17 -Blue/Green Acro 11/26/17 Micromussa sp. - Red Acans 11/26/17 Euphyllia glabrescens -Fire Tips Torch coral (AquaSD) 12/6/17 Unknown - Chalice or Favia?
  17. reefcrimp

    reecrimp's UNS 60U

    Not off to a good start... #faceplant
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