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Found 3 results

  1. ** UPDATE: they died 😢 ** Yesterday I bought a couple hermits, 2 turbo snails and a cleaner shrimp. I acclimated the turbos and hermits together for about half an hour and put them in the tank, then acclimated the shrimp for almost an hour. The hermits and shrimp seem to be doing well. They're exploring their new home and eating lots of noms. My turbos on the other hand are not. They moved a bit when I put them in the tank (I put them in gently btw) and then they both just flopped upside down and looked like buttholes. I continuously checked on them throughout the night to see if they would move or if any of my other CUC ended up dying, but everything was the same. I took them out of tank bc if they were dead I didn't want them to crash the tank but put them in a small bowl with new salt water in case they were alive. As soon as I put them in the bowl they started moving -.- They only peeped their eyes out of their shells and adjusted themselves slightly. So it wasn't much movement. But it was movement. I put them back in the tank and they moved a little again. I noted their positions and went to bed. The next morning I saw them in the same position I left them in so I grabbed a chopstick so I can kinda move them in the tank to see if they would react, which they did. They're not dead but are pretty lathargic. Is this normal?? I don't want them dying bc I love them. Please! any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!! ❤️❤️
  2. I have had my tank running for around seven months, and feel that despite a few difficulties everything has been going fairly well. In the past week though, I have been having some problems, first I noticed that my Clove Polyps were starting to look rather closed up, Nitrates were higher than usual so I did another water change. I then realized that my Turbo snail had died I had when I saw other snails and a hermit crab converging on it. I then removed the corpse. I used what salt mix I had left on a water change so I unfortunately can't do another one until I get more tomorrow. My parameters are as follows: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0.5 Nitrate: 0.5, Ph: 8.0, Dkh: 9.5, Salinity: 1.024 Anyone have ideas on what might be going on? I just have a few questions 1. Could the Turbo snail dying have caused this? Or was its death the result of this Nitrite spike? 2. How sensitive usually are Clove Polyps? Mine went from looking good to seemingly dead in just a few days.
  3. One of my turbo snails has a strange hitch hiker on its back. It looks like another shell. At first I thought it was one of the baby snails on it's back just chilling. But then I saw what was in the snail and got concerned. The flesh did not look like the other snails, it was black. And it would occasionally stick out and poke around. I have no idea what this could be and researching hasn't helped me either. Would really appreciate some help. Here is a video of the hitchhiker:
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